Why I Started Travelling Australia With Kids

The Full Story of how we got started is found here.

Once the decision was made to start travelling Australia with our kids, it was time to do some investigating.  Whilst there is a lot (a real lot!) of information out there, I found that a lot of it was not relevant to a 'family' travelling Australia. 

There was not much without all the commercial bias.  I'd 'Google' things to do and places to go to with children and be flooded with commercial sites.  That was the same with places to stay with children in Australia - all the commercial sites would show up and I could not find anything will real information on what it was 'really' like. 

So I decided to do it!


I needed information on Homeschooling, which let me tell you is pretty complex in this country with all the various states having different rules and regulations.  Again, I found individual information, but not an overall idea of what to home school or how to home school.  I felt that I needed to address this and make it easier for others to find this information. 

Click here for information on Homeschooling

What would we travel around Australia in?

Next up, what would be our home for the next year?  What would be best to travel around Australia in, and why?  So we also have listed the different types of caravans out there with some pros and cons of both and what you need to consider to make your choice.

Where should we go?

Uluru / Ayres Rock

Of course this depends on where you start!  I am gradually hoping to get lots of you to share your stories on the page and where you would recommend and why. We do have the Top Ten Must See places as voted by your fellow TAWKers, that you should have a look at and eventually I hope to get a top ten for each state, so do watch this space and of course be as interactive as you can to help each other.

Travelling Australia with kids was born

So Travelling Australia With Kids was born.  It is a work in progress and I do not profess to be an expert.  We only travelled for two years, but in all honesty it is more than most.  Some do continue their adventure and make it more of a travelling lifestyle.  I sometimes envy those people, but for us, at this time in our children's life, we felt that we needed to stop.  For now though, I am building this site based on our experiences and hoping to encourage you all to 'TAWK' about Travelling Australia With Kids!

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SO, now it's YOUR Turn......

What made YOU decide to Travel Australia With your Kids?

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