Activity Sheets for Kids travelling Australia

There is so much learning to be had when travelling Australia and these Activity Sheets for kids will help!

We thought some relevant Activity Sheets for Kids in the areas that you are visiting would be a great way to make the most of the area and reinforce the kids experiences and memories and of course education!

Schooling is one thing BUT learning opportunities on the road are vast and these Activity Sheets for Kids take advantage of these opportunities. They have been written by not only a teacher BUT a TAWKing one!  Lisa Gass wrote her book Kids on the Road Northern Territory and it is a huge success in the TAWKing community. When she decided to get out on the road again, it seemed only natural for her to expand and write these Activity Sheets in the areas that she was visiting.  With her kids in tow, she made sure to include all the things they were interested in learning.

Activity Sheets for Kids Western Australia

Below are the Activity Sheets so far in WA.  The idea is that you grab the ones that you would like in the area that you are going to.  They come as a download and you can print them off before you go, or on the way - if you have a printer great - otherwise you can take the file to a local post office/library and get them printed there.  We also have a Front Sheet that you can also download (for free) to pop on the front - so it will end up looking like a book or pamphlet depending on how you organise it.

The Front Cover for Western Australia

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