I needed a lanyard with the caravan key on it !

by Cheryl
(Newcastle, NSW Oz)

Get one for all of you!

Get one for all of you!

Lanyard to put caravan key on for each adult and child. It's no fun being locked out of caravan or forgetting to get key off hubby when you walked back a long way to get something!

For that matter a spare key is handy too. We left boat key at our house once, launched boat then couldn't start it!

I also like to take a large round plastic tub to put all shoes in (mostly for gumboots and joggers). I leave it at the door of van or annexe. It is especially helpful in wet weather as it contains the water and mud and reminds kids to leave shoes off. Then, when kids or hubby ask where their shoes are, you can refer them to where they should be!

Finally, I like to take an extra thick door mat for inside the van door for same reason. You don't think of these things if it is sunny when you head off but believe me if you have several wet days you will be sick of water and mud everywhere.

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