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Now you're TAWKing!, Issue #001 -- It's time for cheaper camping!
November 05, 2013
Hi there

Welcome to 'Now You're TAWKing!'

In this issue:

1. It's Time for Cheaper Camping

2. Catching up with other TAWKers

3. The TAWK Bumper/Window Stickers

Before we get started, just a quick Thank You for signing up to the newsletter. I want the Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWK) website to be really interactive and helpful to present and future TAWKers. (You know that's what you are now - a TAWKer!) That is a family 'Travelling Australia With Kids'.

So if you do know current or future TAWKers, then please forward this to them. As the more of us there are, hopefully we can get some better deals.

Cheaper Camping

First Up 'It's Time for Cheaper Camping'

I am sure you, like me are over having to pay so much extra for each child. With many caravan parks now charging over $10 per child, most of us are choosing to Free Camp (not necessarily monitory free, but certainly cheaper) I thought it was time that I did something...or at least I'd try to on behalf of all the TAWKers out there, so these are my thoughts and after this you can read about my plan.

My thoughts are:

They - the caravan park - would offer TAWKers 'children stay two nights free'. TAWKers are constantly on the move, normally do not stay in one spot too long and do visit caravan parks out of season, therefore by encouraging us to visit them, it will help get families into parks. They will then have the opportunity to up sell to us, either by getting us to stay longer and then paying for the children too, or by any items or services that they may sell in their shop or park.

We would no doubt use their washing machines - which are expensive enough and that would cover the cost of the 'free' children anyway!

The Plan:

I would organise a card for TAWKers, which we would need to show to the caravan parks to benefit from the deal.

I am compiling a letter which I will send out to as many caravan parks as I can, asking them to support a TAWK card and offer us child free camping.

Please tell me what you think by replying to the email - I would love to have your support, thoughts and of course if you know of any family friendly parks that I should approach, then please also advise.

Catching up with fellow TAWKers

One of the reasons you may have embarked on this journey - aside from travelling this beautiful country of ours - may have also been to get away from it all and spend 'quality time' with your family. The closeness you find in this regard, will really last a life time.

However sometimes it's good to find other like minded people and often being remote means the children miss being with other children and just may need a break from their own siblings for a while.

So on our Facebook Page we are now trialing a 'Where are you Wednesday?' I won't do it every week, as I find it too much, but look out for it if you are on Facebook and you may be able to see where other TAWKers are and send them a message to catch up. If you are on Facebook, ensure you visit us and of course 'like' to get the updates. (There is a whole community of TAWKers out there). The TAWK Facebook Page

I have also got the TAWK Bumper/Window stickers made! They look fabulous and I'm hoping that you will start seeing them on the road. If you haven't got yours yet then please visit the website and order it. How great will it be to see fellow TAWKers on the actual road?

Well that's about it for this time. Would love some feedback if you get a mini minute.

Until next time - Safe and Happy Travels and keep on TAWKing!

Mandy from the TAWK Team

P.S. Don't forget to forward to others to build our the community. If this was forwarded to you, then ensure you sign up and visit the website. Travel Australia With Kids Website

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