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Do you need or do you have information on Travelling Australia With Kids? We certainly all did when we were starting out, maybe you do now, or maybe you have information to share.

Hi, I am Mandy and I am the founder of Travelling Australia With Kids.  I created this website because when we were starting out on our travels, I could not find any real information on travelling Australia with kids out there.  There are plenty of commercially based website and lots of family travel blogs, but not real information specifically based on families travelling with their children.

I wanted information on:

I wanted information on travelling Australia with kids.  Now I want to create an interactive site so that other families can help and be helped. A place to 'TAWK' about it!

So help make a difference to another family and share your knowledge to become part of the website. You can do that also here on our Featured Family Section - there's a form at the bottom of that page to become one.

YOUR Information on Travelling Australia With Kids

Please share your:

There are so many things that I'm sure you're thinking of right now, so again, be part of the community and help others already out there, those that are planning their trip and most of all of course, inspire others to get out there and TAWK (Travel Australia With Kids)!  Scroll down the page to see where you can be part of it.

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Favourite Free Camp Spot

It was always by word of mouth that we found the best Free Camp Spot - so share yours here.

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Let's face it, travelling has brought out the photographer in you.  So show us your best shots!

Your 'must take' item

It might be quirky, it might be minor, but what did you bring that you're so glad you did?

A Family Friendly Caravan Park

Every now and then, you came across a particularly child friendly caravan park.  Let the community know where you would recommend.

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