Is Bitcoin for me?

Well this is a real humdinger at the moment and if you are not into Bitcoin at all, then just click away now! away as I have heard just about every negative thought about it and I've had the condescending 'please be careful' from many family and friends.  BUT you know what; IT'S NOT MY LIFE SAVINGS!!  Don't panic!  I'm just stepping out of my comfort zone for once, diversifying my investments and seeing what's going to happen with a small portion of my hard earned money!

Now if you are still reading then you might just be thinking "Is Bitcoin for me?".  My answer would be: Maybe.  Do you normally invest in the stock market?  Are you aware of the highs and lows and risks of any investments made ever?  Would you still be OK if you lost all your initial outlay?  Are you prepared to try something despite most of your friends listening to all the negativity on the net?  I was, and you know why...

  • because I'm ready to give it a go. 
  • I'm ready see what happens. 
  • I'm just ready to stop watching others take risks on things and see them succeed. 
  • I'm adopting the "A man who never took a risk, never took anything!"
  • I'm IN!

Is Bitcoin for me?

I bought into Bitcoin when it was one Bitcoin was equal to $7400 - now when you are reading this, it may have taken a dip - hopefully not to below $7400!!  BUT it may have risen more. (Google Bitcoin Price and find out) I'm not sure if Bitcoin is for you, but so far, I've made more money in the last few months on my hard earned cash that it would have made sitting in my deposit account gaining a measly 3% per annum if I'm lucky.  SO again I certainly think it is for me!! 

What is Bitcoin?

"Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator." - Wikipedia

Mmmm, that's what it is.  Does it make any more sense?  It doesn't to me and frankly whilst I do have a brief understanding of it, my other question is; do I need to?  I ask myself this also: What is the internet?  I mean again, I have a rough idea.  Do I know who owns it?  No. Do I know who controls it? No. Do I need to know? No.  Do I use it every day? YES!!.

If you are that interested in the origins and reasons behind the creation of Bitcoin, then you can google it and find out more, I just did to write this and, yep I know a bit more.  Did it help me any further in investing in it and buying some.  Nope.  Has it put me off?  Nope. I'm doing it and maybe you could too.

Trading in Bitcoin

Do you trade shares on the stock market yourself?  I do, sometimes, it costs to trade and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't.  I've had some good returns and I've had some fails.  There is just so much I needed to find out about all the different companies that I was interested in.  It took a while. 

Just before I jumped into Bitcoin, I was going to devote more time into trading in shares.  Time.  I don't know about you, but I am time poor. Bitcoin seemed simpler.  I could see the opportunity here to make some money without knowing everything about it.  Mainly I could see many of my friends doing it and so I bought some too.  I also have diversified in the way I trade in Bitcoin.  Also of course to 'keep and/or trade' this digital currency, I use a digital wallet - yep it's all new - but equally I remember the first time I used a digital camera and could just delete a photo if I didn't like it., that was new then too!  (Showing my age now!!).  You need a digital wallet to keep your 'digital' money in.

There are lots of other Crypto Currencies too - generally called 'Alt - Coins' and that's also how I'm spreading my money also, but again that's another story!  To trade them I use a trading platform called Binance - have a look and if you do click on my link, I think I get a kick back YAY!  I'm helping you, you're helping me! (More about this idea further down).

Managed Funds

I have a managed share fund also.  The reason I have this is because, I don't have the time to closely follow the stock market as much as I'd like.  I also like to diversify and so this also is what I do in the stock market.  I trade some and I have a managed fund that trades for me.

This is also what I am doing with my Bitcoins, I trade some and I have some that are traded for me.  THIS is where you really really need to leave if you are not interested in Bitcoin as there is so much negativity around this next thing I'm going to tell you about that it is crackers!  CRACKERS!  BUT again, you know what....I DON'T CARE!!  For me it is working!  IT IS WORKING and THAT is all I care about.  Well I do care about you guys too, but not re the negativity around what I like to call 'My Bitcoin Managed Fund'.

The only reason I am prepared to mention it, is because I seriously think you could make money too, especially if you are on the road and looking to make some money as you travel. (OR if you just want to give it a red hot go with a few $$). It's a simple way and I know that many of you could do this and benefit too.

HOWEVER.... Let me first state: I am NOT  trying to recruit you!  I don't care if you don't do this, I understand that there will be many among you that will have been caught up with all the negativity - I get it!  I've read EVERYTHING, so again, you don't need to still be reading about something that you do not feel comfortable with and is outside your comfort zone - you are not ready, you may never be ready. AND seriously I cannot understand why everyone is sooo worked up about other peoples business!  Let it go already!!

I on the other hand am ready, am doing it and am making money from it AND I don't need you to sign up to make that money!  I'll continue to whether you are open to it or not....So if you are open to it; let's keep going...

Affiliate Links

Next question is ... Do you know what an affiliate is?  Basically on this page, you will find affiliate links - as disclaimed at the bottom of every page, and if you click on one of those links and decide to buy something, then I get a bit of commission.  Been doing this for years - gotta keep the lights on here somehow!  You enjoy the site right?  So it has to be viable for me to do this instead of getting a 'real job' (sharp intake of breath!!).  Well bear this in mind as we go forward. (If you are still interested of course and are still thinking; Is Bitcoin for me?).

I only ever have an affiliate link if I truly believe that the product will be of help or benefit to you. THIS is no different. THIS is the reason that I am mentioning this program to you as I think that you could make money from it - ONLY though if you can see it yourself, only when you have done YOUR due diligence and only if you think that Bitcoin is for you.

Tell me already!

If you are still here, you must be a tad interested and I don't blame you!  This is interesting and again NOT for the Debbie Doubters of the world.  I believe in it and I'm in and you could be too.  I also know of a family that is travelling Australia and using the system and it's helping to fund their trip and that's why I thought I should let you know about it too!

You don't even have to start with much money! Basically you buy a package or packages (so similar to buying a % into a managed fund) and the company uses that to trade. Then every working day (so not weekends - and bear in mind time differences) they pay you back some off the profits made of the trading - I like to describe it as trading for you.  You heard that correctly, every day they pay you some money back and as soon as you have enough (I think the minimum withdrawal is 10 Euro) you can withdraw your profit paid back in Bitcoin. Simples! You can take it back out if you like and buy back Australian dollars. (Yes I have done this - as equally I needed to know I could!  I now use a compounding system - but that's a story for another day) The package/s will run until you are paid back 140%. So 40% profit on your initial funds and of course you get your initial funds back.  Sounds too good to be true right? RIGHT! I hear Ya!! I thought so too.....BUT.... it's working for me!  It's freaking me out a bit too, BUT it's working!

Soooo look into it! (Yep I'm an affiliate! - and you know what that means! Haha!) Read all about the opportunity and see if it's for you. Of course if you like you can register with me or register with someone else or ignore it and trade Bitcoin yourself. Here's my link to find out more. :)  (AND if you are really interested contact me and I'll send you some more info and help you with what I know so far).

I again AM NOT TRYING TO RECRUIT YOU!! Do what you like and only what you feel comfortable with!!  BUT seriously consider it, look into it and believe me you WILL be bombarded with the naysayers and the negative Nellies - but just make sure that those people are well informed and not just repeating what they hear on that thing that, in 2009 every one was skeptical about too - yep the Internet!! AND of course are they the people that are happy with the 2% interest they get from their bank accounts - not that there is anything wrong with that.  It's safe...or is it! (Don't mention the GFC!! - Oooops?!)

It might just change your life and this time next year we may well all be using Bitcoin as mainstream payments in Australia...scary yes but ALSO Have a read also what Roberth Kiyosaki says about Bitcoin just below and being an entrepreneur, maybe it's your time to step outside YOUR comfort zone too!

Thoughts about Bitcoin by Rich Dad Poor Dad Author -  Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

You must of heard of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki?  If not...well you might like to grab it and read it. (AND yep I'm an affiliate!) He is a very well respected writer and many of us have benefited from his words of wisdom in his book. This is what he says about Bitcoin.....(This was on his Facebook Page on the 11th November 2017)


I’m writing this post in November 2017. And here are just some of the headlines I’m reading today...

  • “Buy Bitcoin' Overtakes 'Buy Gold' as Online Search Phrase” (Bloomberg)
  • “Gold Versus Bitcoin: Which Should You Buy?” (Nasdaq)
  • “Gold and Bitcoin Both Challenge Fiat Currency's Dominance” (Cambridge House International
  •  “Hedge Funds Push the Price of Bitcoin to New Highs” (New York Times)

And at the moment of me writing this, the price for Bitcoin is at……$7,025.20.  That’s up from $4,552.60 on this day LAST MONTH. Yes, really! When you do the math - Bitcoin has increased in value by 55.30% in just a month! And in the past year - it’s up from $700.30!  That’s a MIND-BOGGLING 897.69% increase in 12 months!

And this my friend, is where I believe money is going - all digital.  Because every single BOOM in history has followed this pattern...

  • The stock market
  • The tech boom
  • The housing boom
  • And now Bitcoin (along with a handful of other cryptocurrencies)

Why is this happening? Well, a few reasons:

  • The USD is dead - it’s backed by nothing.
  • Corruption & human error are rampant in currencies all over the world.
  • Governments and nations and bureaucrats control money.

In stark contrast - Bitcoin:

  • Is unhackable. The main thing “backing it” is that it’s safe, stable & available globally.
  • Is not prone to human error. No need for a banker or middle-man to buy, sell, or trade it.
  • Is in the hands of the people (for the time being). No government or nation owns it.

So what’s the point here?  The point is this - if you want to invest in something trendy, look at Bitcoin. It's climbing higher and higher despite what the critics say. In fact, many people are predicting 5-digit Bitcoin early next year (2018).  We’ll see. But like any investment, there’s a risk.  I don’t think being 'trendy' is a good enough reason to invest, though it might be a good reason to get educated and learn more about it.

I CAN tell you gold will be around in 20 years. I can’t say the same about Bitcoin or even the dollar. There are zero guarantees. You could win big or, you could lose big. (well depends how much you put into it of course - TAWK)

And while Bitcoin could be a great investment, it's not the main thing I ALWAYS recommend.

  • My #1 recommendation is still Education.
  • Followed closely by investing in Real Estate. But again, there’s still a risk with that. You have to buy and sell right, or you could lose everything.
  • Then there’s gold, silver, and stocks.

First off, if you're investing in the stock market, you need to be aware that it's a bubble waiting to burst (some say that Bitcoin is too - I don't but only time will tell). Secondly, gold and silver are fine, but they aren't going to produce a lot of value for you quickly. They’re good to own, but they’re likely not going to make you rich.  So, the safest bet?

It’s this - Entrepreneurship.  Here’s why… an entrepreneur, you control the outcome and earning potential.  Bitcoin, gold, silver, and stocks can all go away in an instant. And you'd have no say in it. That's because you don’t control them. You can make a good ROI *from them*, but again, it’s ultimately not up to you.

You just watch and react. But as an entrepreneur - you get to choose your own ending.  Because you’re steering the ship! And becoming an entrepreneur (as opposed to an employee or business owner) is the best bet you can make. Because you’re betting on yourself.  And succeeding as an entrepreneur is in your own best interest!

So…  How or WHERE do you start?  Here’s one way to do it - learn how from someone who already has."

That's it!  That's what I am doing - again it's not my life savings!  It's actually some profits I took on some blue chip shares that I thought I'd try Bitcoin with.  So if you ask me "Is Bitcoin for me?" I'd have to say YEP it is and I'm enjoying the ride - I hope it lasts and I hope that if it does, you get on board in time to make some money too.  If you would like some more info, I'll help you if I can, you just need to email me at

For the rest of you - why are you still reading?!!??  Haha!  Just have a think about it, we are in the early days of this and you know what they say...'The early bird gets the worm'.

Disclaimer: I am not giving you financial advise!  I am just saying what I am doing and you need to consider your own financial position to see if this is right for you. We are still in the early adopter stages for Cryptocurrencies, which brings both higher potential risk and reward, so never use more capital than you are comfortable to lose.

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