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What a great idea; Mobile Caravan Repair Service!  From caravan awning repairs to wheel bearing and brake issues, Randall from Camooweal Caravans can help.

When you are travelling around, problems come up from time to time and you need to get them repaired.  If you are in the area of far western Queensland and the Gulf Country to the north, then you need to call Randall.

With Lawn Hill National Park and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the area, you will no doubt be passing nearby as you travel our wonderful country.

Randall's background includes some impressive areas -

  • Master Shipwright/Marine
  • Engineer/Design Engineer specialising in Marine Fit-outs
  • Design, fabrication and "hands on"  installation of Interior Furnishings
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Hydraulic Schematics
  • Plumbing, HVAC and more

Get Back on the Road Quickly!

His mobile repair service operates from his base in Mt. Isa/Camooweal.  It concentrates mainly on repair of caravan running gear (springs, axles, bearings etc) and he has arranged overnight spares from suppliers.

He also offers the services for the following:

  • Caravan awning repairs and replacement
  • Pop top repairs
  • Springs
  • Wheel bearings and brake repairs
  • Toilet repairs
  • DC Electrical Repairs/Alterations and
  • Installations, Interiors Repairs, Interiors, Design,  Fabricate and Fit.

Just about everything really!!

His Mobile Repair Unit is his Nissan Patrol, tooled up to handle any repairs, anywhere. He also has at his disposal; contract tilt tray operators to basically pluck any caravan from any remote site and bring them to my base if circumstances require, financially or practical.

In short, he offers a complete service for folks travelling through this beautiful part of Australia.

A few pics of Lawn Hill National park

How can I contact Camooweal Caravans?

You can contact Randall on mobile number 0419 448230 or email randall@randall.asia. Also visit his website which will also give you an indication of his other activities including Bus to Camper designs AND building an alternate suspension sustem!  He also has a fairly new Facebook Page that he's getting started on.

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Thanks Camooweal Caravans for being a TAWKer Supporter!

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