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Australian owned and operated, TAWKer Supporter 'Momento' are the perfect fit for TAWKers! They make it really easy to preserve the memories of your trip and in lots of different ways too.  You can get started straight away so that on you trip you can actually show other travellers your photo books. 

Other TAWKers love hearing your stories, where you went, what you found interesting, what the kids loved, this way you can just grab your photo books and show them.

I love supporting Australian businesses and these guys are 100% Australian and operate from downtown Sydney!  They were the first on-demand photo book company in Australia and New Zealand.

With our ever digital world, it worried me that I would not be able to share our photos with our family and friends when we got back, as I never printed them off like I used to  - it just seemed so 'old fashioned'.  This is where the photo books come into their own. But it's the kids and I that look at them most!

What a great little project for the kids, to create their own book - one that they design and make themselves, with their favourite shots of their own trip.  You'll be surprised on the photos that they choose!

You just organise all your favourites in a book....or two...or three.  OK so I made a lot!  But we were gone a long time!!

By designing your own Photo Book you can organise them into Months or Places or Experiences (our caravan even has it's own book)!  It's a way to preserve your memories in hardcopy and makes them really easy to go through.

It's really easy, but just to help further, they have a range of videos to help you.  Here's one....

Momento have recently been recommended by Choice in 2015!  They've also won lots of awards - you'll have to head to their website to see all of them.  But it just proves what a great company they are. 

The computer software is easy to navigate and it's fun to design your own books, almost addictive - or it is for me!  Another great plus is that once the software is downloaded you can design the books even when you do not have internet connectivity.

Review on the Momento Facebook Page

"I am ecstatic with receiving my first photo book. The software is easy to use. The printing quality is true. Production and delivery is fast. Can’t wait to do another I will certainly be a returning customer." - Danica


This was one of my favourite gifts for all the relatives!

I used to make calendars for my parents, my in-laws, my siblings and my friends.  The perfect gift, easy to buy, easy to send, cheap and they loved them! Of course I kept one for us too.  The perfect gift.

Posted on the Momento Facebook Page

"Hi all at Momento! We are thrilled with our 2016 calendars received for Christmas gifts, beautiful printing and presentation. Thank you for producing such great products!!" - Ros Farr

What else do they print?

They print a lot of things! 

  • Notebooks
  • Diaries
  • Greeting Cards and
  • Recipe Books!

So the best way to find out is to head to their website and find out.  Please support Momento as they are supporting you. Being TAWKer Supporters, you get a special deal.  So head on over to the Momento Website TAWK page to find out more about their deal for you and get started!

Thanks Momento for being a TAWKer Supporter!

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