The TAWK Pose!

What is The TAWK Pose and how did it come about? The Pose first started for us on Chinaman's Peak, Kalbarri Western Australia.  We thought we'd try to look like we were flying and it went from there.

Once we saw the photo we loved it and thought that we would do 'The Pose' around the country wherever there was a good photo opportunity. It got onto the list of one of our 'things to do in Australia' and at every opportunity we did it.  The only problem was that we wished we'd have started earlier as we'd missed some great spots.

So TAWKers .....  Challenge on!  WHERE CAN YOU DO THE POSE?  Do yours and post on our Facebook Page!  

Check out the video below to see where TAWKers have done it by June 2016.....

There is an opportunity to post your pictures of YOUR Family doing The TAWK Pose around the country at the bottom of this page! It's one of our fun family travel ideas and the children love it!  (Unless they are teenages of course and then it's just embarrassing - all the more reason to do it in my eyes!)

It's just a quirky family fun thing to do and will make a great coffee table book once you collate all the photos at the end of your trip.  There are so many things to do in Australia, that you will find plenty of opportunity to get The TAWK Pose in at all the iconic spots.  It became a bit of an obsession with us in the end.  So join in and give the children an extra memory of your trip and don't forget to post them at the bottom of this page.

Of course you could also create your own pose and we'd love to see them too.  With the TAWK pose, we had to specify the direction and have a count down (and even then there was no guarantees that you'd get us all in the same direction, keeping our balance and being able to hold it long enough for the shot to be taken), but that was all part of the family fun and become one of our favourite things to do in Australia.

TAWKers Pose's

Click on any photo for a larger image....

Post your TAWK Pose here (below) or on our Facebook page and then we will add yours to the page after everyone else has enjoyed seeing it!

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