TAWK Membership Card

CLICK HERE to find the list of TAWKer Supporter Parks on board the program

The TAWK Membership Card.  We said we'd get you cheaper camping and we are!  We are making a difference to travelling families lives by asking camping spots to give TAWK Member's kids at least 2 nights FREE camping* - some do more!!  Have a look at the map below to see all the TAWKer Supporters currently in the program or click here.

TAWK Membership Card - Digital Card

Many of you are already on the road and do not have a postal address, so we have decided to go Digital.  You just download to your phone and voila!  Show the park you are a TAWK member.  A whole digital card with all the fancy schmancy bits, bar codes tracking and all members details was just too expensive to set up, this way we keep the costs down - which as a TAWKer, is what we all need!

* Please note SOME of our TAWK  Supporters Parks say they cannot offer this deal in the school holiday or public holiday times BUT let's face it, us TAWKers tend to avoid the busy school holiday periods anyway - please check on each park as stated on their listing.

The TAWK Membership Card

How did the TAWK Membership Card come to be?

It was suggested by a TAWKer AND pretty much all of the participating TAWK Supporters to get a TAWK Membership Card to identify TAWKers; BUT first.... don't panic! DON'T PANIC!! I don't want to become a millionaire (well I do, but not at your expense!!) so it is a one off fee^ for the lifetime of the card.  SO DON'T LOSE IT!!  Replacements are $5.00 - it's the only way to keep it viable this end too.

Soooo... We took your suggestion, bit the bullet and did it - we made the TAWK Membership Card and we hope you all get behind us.


The TAWK Supporter Parks are currently listed on the Aircamp App and Wikicamps have said that we needed 25+ parks to be considered for a filter on their App - we are over 100 parks now, so hopefully on their next upgrade we will be on it.

We really appreciate your support as we continue to support you too.  Here's the link to grab yours and support us, supporting YOU!

If you are already travelling - fear not!  The TAWK Membership Card is digital so you download it to your mobile device to show the participating TAWKer Supporters. So get yours and take advantage of the TAWKer Supporter Program.


Thanks again for supporting us, supporting you.

^ If you lose the card, and need a replacement, there is a $5 fee to continue to use the Program - we have to keep it viable and appreciate your understanding.

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