WikiCamps Australia

WikiCamps Australia is pretty much one of the 'Must Have' apps as you travel our gorgeous land. Many of you will have it already but if not, then look out for our next giveaway to get a code and get the app for FREE.  At the moment you can get a free trial for 7 day and let me tell you... after that you will pay and get it for the future as it's such a great help.  WikiCamps Australia is awesome and will help you plan your travels.  So for a chance to win a code and grab the app for free enter our giveaway soon.

WikiCamps Australia is available for your mobile device or your computer and it also can use your GPS if you have it switched on to find your nearest options to camp. You can use the many 'Filters' (we'll come back to this) to select what suits your family; for example how much you'll pay, if a spot has has power, water, ablutions, if you can take the dog and often - and this is important for families homeschooling - if there’s Wi-Fi available.

Lets go back to Filters quickly.  TAWK is working to get a TAWK Filter on the App to show your where the TAWKer Supporter Caravan Parks/Camping Spots/Accommodations are (The ones that offer you FREE Camping for the kids) and we do need a few more on board for them to consider this.

SO we thought you could help in two ways AND we'd throw in some Giveaways to do this.....We have had the first one and the winners are listed below.  The next one starts on the 2nd September.  So check back for that and enter then.

New Competition from 10th - 14th September

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a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway