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Now you're TAWKing!, Issue #002 -- It's time for cheaper camping!
March 03, 2014
Hi there

Are you Coming??!

In this issue:

1. The TAWK Catch Up Weekend

2. Update on Cheaper Camping idea

3. Launch of the TAWK Facebook Group

Firstly, sorry for this edition taking so long coming to you. First it was Christmas and then the school holidays and now…its March!! How fast did that all go?? Anyway, I will endeavour to deliver a monthly newsletter from now on.

The TAWK Catch Up Weekend

After many TAWKers loving the Facebook “Where are you Wednesday?” Posts, we were asked if we could organise a Catch up Weekend.

Now we have and it’s the weekend of the 22nd March 2014 – with South East Queensland meeting the weekend after on the 29th March. Whilst many are showing and interest, I imagine that most will leave it to the last minute to commit. To find out more details, please visit the TAWK blog, the link is below.

Sometimes, the children miss other children being on the road, this will give them a chance to meet other children in the same boat and give us adults a chance to share our stories with people who are interested. So - please find out if there is a Catch Up near you, by clicking here: The TAWK Blog

Update on the Cheaper Camping idea

Well let me just say that the caravan parks out there are not very receptive to asking for kids staying free for two nights for us TAWKers……..BUT I will not give up! I have a couple of parks interested and I have to say that our Facebook page is proving good leverage – so I will keep at it! The more of us that get behind it the better, so please spread the word and hopefully we can make this happen.

The TAWK Facebook Group

The Facebook Page is going really well – But I noticed that many were choosing to post in other Groups rather than on the Page…so I thought take action and create a Facebook Group for us TAWKers. This means that you can post a question directly to fellow members of the group without me ‘copying and pasting’ and of course I am not online all the time to do that. So please if you have not already, join the group and join in.

I'm going to get a few 3 - 4 question surveys going, so always a fun thing to be a part of.

Link here: The TAWK Facebook Group

Don't forget the TAWK Bumper sticker is available. Great to see others on the road! TAWK Bumper Sticker

That's about it for now - I'll have a it of an announcement in the next newsletter hopefully. Now I've said it, I'd better get cracking on it!

Until next time.....Happy and Safe Travels!

Mandy :)

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