The TAWK Bumper/Window Stickers

Become a TAWKer and grab your sticker today!

When the children miss other families, the TAWK sticker is a great way to find them.  Even if you are away from your car or van (you might need two!) other TAWKers will know that a TAWKing family is near and hopefully you can all catch up and discuss your travels. A great way to find each other.

SO ensure others can find YOU and get yours today.

Put them on your car bumper or on the back window of the car, put them on the back of your caravan or camper trailer, put one on BOTH!! 

Let others on the road know that you are part of the TAWK community.

What better way to share the experience of your travels with other TAWKers?

(That is, other families Travelling Australia With Kids!) than letting them know that YOU are a TAWKer!

A great way to meet other like minded families and the perfect way to start 'TAWKing' about your travels.  Show the travelling community that you are a TAWKer.

If you are not on the road yet - get one now to inspire you.

They are a great little 'see you on the road' gifts for other TAWKers as you meet them!

There is also a TAWK 'Starter Pack' which you might like to take a look at.

Please visit the TAWK Shop

Click the BUY NOW button above, you'll be able to order how many you would like on the next page.  Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery, so when you put in your address, bear in mind where you will be in that time frame.

If you do not want to pay by credit card, please use the Contact Us Form and we can make other arrangements.  Easy Peasy!

We look forward to seeing you out there!

If you know of other TAWKers that would also like a sticker please share this with them.  If they are on Facebook, then click the share button below, if not send them a copy of the URL by email. 

Thanks for growing the TAWK Community.

Grab your TAWK Bumper sticker today!

A great way to recognise other families who are Also Traveling Australia With Kids

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