Australian Natural Products

I have recently got into Australian Natural Products and am learning more and more about the amazing Australian natural resources we have in this country.  I therefore wanted to present them to you too. 

I think that as you travel Australia, you learn more and more about this amazing country and all that it has to offer.  Not only in a 'have a look' way but a natural way.  So it seemed obvious to me that we get some all Australian Natural Products that we think you might like and need.

I present to you...

Earth TAWK!

Australian Natural Products in our Earth TAWK Shop

I'd love to be able to have the shop full of Australian natural products straight away, but am thinking that we should start with things to help TAWKers first.  Natural products that we love and we think you will too.

So far we have:

  • Insect Repellent - much better to spray on the kids!  My son is a mosquito magnet and this works on him so I'm convinced! (Although now he's 16, he's wishing he was more of a chick magnet!)
  • Insect Repellent Incense Cones - better than those awful Mozzie Coils!
  • Calm Kids Room Spray - perfect to spray in the caravan/camper to settle the kids.
  • Perk Up Room Spray - great to to spray in the car or when the kids are doing school work.
  • Soap on a Ropes - loved these when I was a kid and so good to hang over the taps in the shower or to secure to hands to stop soap falling on the shower floor.
  • Foot Kind - a soap with pumice to help your feet - lets face it bare foot and thongs may be taking their toll!
  • Cold and Flu Room Spray - sickness on the road is NOT something you want and this helps to bust those germs.
  • Laundry Powder - kind to the Earth and tough on the dirt! I've been using this for a while now and as well as smelling wonderful it really works!
  • Bath Bombs - I know, I know, bath bombs and camping, not really a mix BUT I love them sooo much AND thought that they would be great in those bath troughs when you're bathing your little ones.  
  • Aussie Shaped Soap - really quirky that I couldn't resist.  A great little gift to the kids or your family when you break the news that you're on your way.

Now I will try to remember to update this list as we add more and more things, but you really should check the Earth TAWK Shop to see what we've added this week!  Our Australian Natural Product selection will be comprehensive one day...but as with most small business; one step at a time!

We really appreciate all your support and know once you start on these gorgeous things you will love them and hopefully you might give us some suggestions too.

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