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Welcome to Travelling Australia With Kids! As passionate travellers and parents ourselves, we totally get how exciting it is to explore Australia with your kids.  Our mission is to provide you with useful tips, resources, and inspiration to make your family travel experiences absolutely unforgettable.  Whether you're looking for must-visit spots, money-saving tricks, or anything in between, we've got you covered!  Let's create some epic memories together!

Tara, Luke, Chelsey and families xo

tawk membership for discounts on parks
tawk membership for discounts on parks

Would you prefer to spend $10-$20 per night per child while travelling, or would you rather save your money

for other things?!? 

Join as a lifetime TAWK family for only $59.00 and enjoy amazing savings at 180+ of our host parks across Australia.


Includes UNLIMITED stays for your family for a lifetime!

Help me save money

Here's Why you'll LOVE it:

Feel like part of a big family: Join our 55k+ community of fellow travellers who love exploring Australia with their kids just like you. Share tips, stories, and awesome adventures!

Save big on accommodation: With TAWK, your kids stay for FREE* at over 180 parks across Australia. That's more money in your pocket for fun activities and treats!  🎡

Easy-peasy access: Just download your digital membership card to your phone and show it at the participating park. No hassle, no fuss, just instant savings and smiles!😀


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Example of TAWK Card Use:

Family of 5

2 Adults and 3 Kids (Under 16)

Per night for the kids, for non TAWK members, you will pay

3 x $15.00 = $45.00 x 2 nights = $90.00 

Tawk Member's Kids Stay FREE (with $59 Lifetime Membership)

So, pay $90.00 or pay $59.00 once and save $30 on your first stay!*

(and there is plenty more stays to be had during your lifetime membership.)

Saving TAWK members $1000s+ on their adventures around Australia!

*some parks don't offer the deal during peak times  *the park determines child term

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