How important is is to have a caravan with an ensuite?

Having a caravan with an ensuite is certainly handy but of course it is more expensive.  So is it worth it?  Would you rather save the money and travel longer?  We asked our TAWKers and they gave their thoughts and experiences here.....

The following are answers and thoughts from other TAWKers (names omitted to protect privacy) to help you.....

  • We didn't have one. We don't regret it one bit but, sometimes I do wish for the toilet. The shower is not important enough for us. Small bucket of water works a treat and baby wipes.
  • We have a shower setup with our camper equivalent to an external shower so I'm thinking not bothering with a caravan with an ensuite as we won't be missing what we never had. Couldn't live without our porta potty though, especially with young kids, but I've seen vans that store these in a cupboard under the bed. I'm sure if we got an ensuite van we would love it, but I figure we won't miss, what we have never had.
  • We have a van and only a porta potty. I took a big tub and sat it inside the van for a good wash and for the kids. We have a wardrobe, which has a cupboard below big enough for our toilet. Every night before bed we drag it out. Very handy for the kids and us.
  • For me a caravan with an ensuite was a must. It gives you the freedom to camp anywhere. We also have grey water tank. There are some amazing camp spots with no facilities so if fully self contained can stay if not you can only day visit.
  • We don't have one and get by easily even while free camping. I had a big tub and a pop up shower tent where I'd fill the tub and we would wash. You can always use a bucket or toilets provided or go bush with shovel.
  • I've done it both ways, first trip around oz no kids just a bucked and battery operated pump shower in shower tent. This time I wanted a caravan with an ensuite, so that I could just walk in and use it, stay clean getting out etc as you're up off the ground and don't have to drag your stuff to the amenities, tip toe getting dressed on the dirty floors. Also it means hot running water in our van. Our old pop top had no hot water system and that was a pain washing up. We survived and it was fine showering with a few snakes, spiders and frogs along the way, ha ha but if budget allows I'd get one.

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  • We don't and mostly free camp and go okay without one. We mostly just bathe with a flannel, soap and warm water. Sometimes we would appreciate a hot shower but its not essential. We have a shower whenever they are available and relish the luxury of it!
  • Would you live in a house without a shower and toilet? I couldn't imagine not having our bathroom with us especially when free camping!
  • We have a porta potty which I wouldn't go without. We've also got a external shower in our camper, but find it uses too much water (we have a 100 litre tank), and we have to move on and fill up. I'd rather use a bucket and be able to stay away for longer.
  • We have a caravan with an ensuite. However, we wouldn't use much more water in our shower than we would in a bucket. We have 6 people to get through, so we all stand in a bucket and just quickly turn the shower on to get wet, then quickly back on to wash off the soap. The bucket water is to make sure feet are cleaned properly (kids get filthy!). To be honest, its probably a glorified bucket shower!! But, we do it this way and we can have a shower every second day for two weeks without running out of water!
  • Our van is our home, since we sold our house and everything in it. So for us it was important to have some comforts as we're travelling indefinitely. When we're free camping (which is most of the time) we just get wet, soap the smelly bits and rinse off and use about half a bucket of water each. We wash the kids every two to three days in an inch of water in a washing up tub. The toilet is great, especially with small kids.
  • We LOVE having a shower n toilet n bath with 5 kids under the age of 11!

How important is is to have a caravan with an ensuite?

  • We don't have a caravan with an ensuite, but carry a portaloo. We setup an ensuite tent for stays of 3 days or more. You do learn to travel without one and make use of public amenities etc, choose campsites with toilets when you can. A caravan with an ensuite would be nice but really not necessary if you don't mind improvising, so save your $$$ and live a little!
  • We could not do without ours. First thing in the morning, when the weather is bad or if it's really dark outside is when it's most useful.
  • It depends how much free camping you want to do. We just spent three weeks straight free camping in the mountains and wouldn't have been without our shower and toilet. Just made everything so easy.
  • We free camp mostly and have a solar shower. You can also buy an instant hot water for about $300, hook it to a gas bottle and have hot bush showers whenever you like. As for the toilet, grab a portaloo - cheaper!
  • Personally love my shower and loo, never use anything else happy to clean them for my little piece of privacy and cleanliness, but am sure you can manage without too.
  • When we go camping we have a bucket with a toilet seat lid on it. We keep it in the shower pop up tent and when showering it just comes out. We shower with a bucket a cup to pour water over yourself. Works a treat. A caravan with an ensuite would be handy, but certainly not essential.
  • Wifey has found ours toilet and shower and god send. So easy with the kids, even when on the move and in the middle of a town or big city. Make your trip as easy as you can otherwise. It will not be fun and you will give up before you wanted to finish.

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