Flanagan's , SEQ

by Swans

We go through Rathdowney to get to flanagans, when coming from Beaudesert, in south east Queensland

There are amenities, the showers you pay a small fee (bring your twenty cent coins! It usually costs us a dollar or less even, to have a decent shower) there's a big laundry washbasin for hand washing items, or doing your dishes.
It is located at the start of the Logan River, it's a great little swimming hole and there's a small part where there are mini rapids you can sit in and soak up the sun , sort of feels like a spa.

Day trips are free, so you get the use of amenities as well. The fees however for families to stay is very minimal. Something like $5 a night for kids and $10 for adults, if my memory serves me correctly

It's somewhere my husband had been a few times and a it turned out, our eldest daughter's partner used to go there when he was a lad - small world

The best thing for us is that you can take your dogs there. They must be on a lead at all times, and normal rules apply (have a doggy pooper scooper and bags with you! ) but they love to have a dip and swim with the kids :)

We have been there in tents, and vans, and have always enjoyed the peace and quiet.

The caretakers are the best, and they run a little shop there where you can get essentials (and ice cream and drinks!) also they supply a wheelbarrow load of firewood so you can have a campfire in the drums provided :) you can bring your own wood, if you don't want to pay the $5 for a load cut by them - it's always nice to support them tho ;)

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