Lane Poole Reserve - Baden Powell

The Camping Area at Lane Poole Reserve Dwellingup, has several campgrounds, one being Baden Powell.  It is approximately 100km from Perth. 

The Old Baden Powell campground at the reserve operates on a first come first served basis (at some of the others and at the New Baden Powell, you will need to book). It has bitumen road access.  The reserve does offer different spots to camp and when you enter through the main gate, they give you a map with all the different camping areas.  We stayed at Nanga Mill camp ground.

The Murray River meanders through the reserve, which means swimming, canoeing and even white water rafting is on the cards.  Ours also made the most out of simply enjoying the rock slides. climbing over and around the rocks and even using their push bikes on a few of the tracks throughout the forrest.

The Bibbulmun Track goes through Lane Poole Reserve

and we joined it for a mini trek one day. You do spot many Bibbulmun Track walkers passing through - and the children turned that into a bit of a game!

Murray River Dwellingup
Rockslides Dwellingup

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Murray River Dwellingup

Baden Powell

Fires are strictly prohibited between November and April (and can be subject to bans at other times - check at visitor centre in Dwellingup.)  If you can have a fire,  you need to purchase the wood at the visitors centre as you are not allowed to collect any of the wood from the forest to burn - penalties do apply.  Whilst you are at the visitors centre, get your drinking water too.  Baden Powell does allow dogs, but they must be on a lead at all times.

Baden Powell Dwellingup

What else can you do?

The Baden Powell Camping area is just outside of the lovely town of Dwellingup. The visitors centre is a real hub for the town and like with any visitors centre we always head on in and find out what is going on locally and ensure we join in.  It's always the best way to fully experience the local area.

Hotham Valley Train

Dwellingup is home to the historic Hotham Valley Railway which the children loved.  The steam engine meanders through the Darling Ranges and if you are really keen it operates as a restaurant train certain days.  Make sure you take cash with you - as it's sticking with the whole historic thing and credit cards and eftpos facilities were not on the horizon when we were there.

Wood chopping competition

We were also lucky enough to be there whilst a wood cutting fesitval was on and frankly I was on edge the whole time as the axe wielding young men made light work of the logs in front of them.  Do not try this at home!!

King Jarrah Tree

We loved our time here and whilst Baden Powell is the one easy spot to get to, the tracks to the other camp spots are a tad corregated, but worth the effort.   We felt as though you were miles from anywhere, but in reality were only a few km's from the town.  We were lucky that hardly anyone was around and those that were, whilst friendly, everyone respected each others space. 

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