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The TAWK Trip Tracker

This Physical map of Australia is great for you and/or your children/grandparents to record your journey around the country.

You can chose which one would suit you and/or your family the best.  We have several options including the famous TAWK Magnetic Maps - enabling you to pop them on your fridge for all to see when you are travelling or when you get home.

We also now have a downloadable map for you to print off yourself if that's the way you'd like to go and for only $4.95!  Click Here.

Lamintated Australia Road Map

TAWK Trip Tracker Benefits....

  • The choice of sizes -  A4 and A3 (**See below for A2 option)
  • The choice of materials and options;  NeverTear Paper*, Magnetic, or download your own!
  • The children can get their own and have ownership of their trip and highlight their favourite spots.
  • Educationally reinforces where towns and cities are.
  • Grandparents or family back home can Track the Trip with you.
  • You'll all remember it because you tracked it!
  • Print your own.

Grab one for THE GRANDPARENTS back home to track your trip along with you - it helps them to feel part of your journey.

*NeverTear Paper is waterproof and does not Tear and can withstand the harshest environments or handling.

*We no longer sell A2 laminated maps as the laminate tends to un-laminate during postage - should you wish to still have a laminated map, we suggest you purchase our download map and take the file to your local printers and get it laminated there. :)

Australia Road MapMy son tracking his trip

I've designed The TAWK Trip Tracker as a physical map of Australia Road so that it has many benefits! Not least that it is an Australia road map but also the smaller ones can be used as a place-mat.  When you are sitting around the table discussing your travels, it's right there to refer to and plan with! It's easily wiped down. 

We also have magnetic maps, so that they can be displayed on the fridge AND for the smaller Trip tracker, when the trip is over and you no longer wish to display it, hole punch it, as it's perfectly sized to file in front of their school work - a great physical map to show their teachers and school friends!

You may have a digital version - but now you and/or the children can have a physical map of Australia.

We had a big map of Australia that I laminated and put on a wall in the van, the children were always arguing who's turn it was to draw on it next.  This way...they can also get their own!

Graphic design templates sized just for social. Take PicMonkey's ad-vice.

If you are currently on the road

  • please advise an address or Post Office that you anticipate being in two weeks time. 
  • advise us to address 'Post Restante' and the Post Office that you would like to collect it from. They will then hold it for your collection.

**Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

The TAWK Trip Tracker is a great physical map of Australia for you to record your trip; to remember it and for the children, a chance to 'own' their trip.   A chance for them to highlight their favourite spots, show where they stopped and educationally to reinforce all the places they've visited and know where they are.  A way for them to track, personalise and most of all remember their trip.

There's the choice of materials:

  • Laminated
  • Magnetic
  • Never Tear Paper
  • Download and print your own

Of course they are not just for the children, you or the grandparents can use it too! A physical map of Australia to track your trip with you.

Great for the Fridge when you get home!

Our map is stuck in the van and now that we don't live in it, it's really hard to share our trip with others.

With the Magnetic Maps, when your trip is over you can display it on the fridge in your home, and easily show others your travels. 

Whether you are on the road or just getting started, the kids love them. (We've finished our travels and all three of mine still wanted to do theirs!)

On the Fridge

We've designed them not to be over detailed, as it's not a road map.  It's a map for the kids to track their trip, to show where they have travelled and to highlight their favourite spots for them to recall in the future.

Buy yours today and start recording your journey
Track Your Trip!

The TAWK Trip Tracker Australia Road Map is
Get you physical map of Australia Here

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