Roadschooling is Learning Everywhere!

Roadschooling or Homeschooling? It's all learning and we recently asked our TAWKers to show us photos of their kids learning whilst on the road and boy did we got some great ones.  So bookmark the page and show this to the 'Debbie Doubters' of the world - Kids do learn on the road!

It really is not just about sitting in a classroom and here you can see some of the opportunities to learn whilst you are on the road travelling Australia.

Roadschooling means you can make the most of your environment and learn outside!

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Roadschooling or Homeschooling or Just Learning on the Road

The kids are not just sitting in a classroom, reading about things.  They are experiencing them.  They are going on a school trip or excursion every day!  You will find endless opportunities for them to learn. I really can't understand why it's made so hard for TAWKers to take their kids our of school and travel the country for a while* - you would think it would be encouraged!

Most teachers do encourage the opportunity and most also encourage the kids to keep a diary.  Ours did and I must admit sometimes it was an effort to get them to do it, BUT now, they LOVE looking back on it, so do make sure you get your kids one.  Here's one specially designed for travelling kids that we love and recommend.

Grab yours here and the kids (and teachers!) will love you for it.

The opportunities to learn when you are TAWKing are endless and on top of all this they are learning about travelling and you will give them the love to travel too.  To see not only Australia but no doubt, the world.  A gift in itself!

Roadschooling helps kids to experience real situations

The TAWKing Family here said that visiting the Australian Zoo's Wildlife Hospital worked in well, as they were learning about what jobs the kids wanted to do when they were older and Miss T said she wanted to be a vet!  Life on the road gives the kids the opportunity to see different opportunities for them in the future. They learn in a different way and get involved, rather than just reading text books.

When people doubt your decision, show them this page!

Share this page with them, tell them that your decision to TAWK and the Roadschooling or homeschooling of your children is one that you are taking seriously. That they more than likely will learn and experience more on the road than they can just sitting in a classroom day after day.

The time also that you spend as a family together will be time that you will treasure forever.  So if you are even in any doubt, remember these are real TAWKers kids, experiencing Roadshooling as they travel.  JUST DO IT!  Start making your plans today.

* Those that choose this lifestyle for the long term might need to have more accountability with their schooling but here I'm talking about the average TAWKer who would take their kids out of school temporarily.

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