Thinking of Skiing on your trip around Australia?

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for Australians to see snow. It’s not something commonly associated with the country. However, this is your trip of a lifetime and you may as well make the best of it when you get the opportunity.

There is actually some fine skiing to be had in Australia. The best locations are in New South Wales, so you might like to time your trip to be there when there is snow.  (We didn't and our kids never let me forget it!) Being cold and hopefully with snow around, it might be time to plan to spend some time at a ski lodge, and really give them something to remember and be out of the caravan or camper for a while - otherwise it could be seriously cold in the van!

Group Rates
This site providing accommodation in Perisher offers cheap accommodation to ensure you get the most of your snow holiday! There are some especially good deals at resorts like this; as a matter of fact, the more people you have in a room, the less it costs per person (finally something that families might benefit from!). There are rates for parties with five to six people, meaning large families stand to save even more on accommodation.

Thank goodness you can hire skis and snowboards, of course that is great news as we seriously do not need any extra gear when travelling Australia!  One thing to consider, though, is that it does take a few tries to get your skis beneath you, so you might like to exercise a few weeks before hand to save not being able to walk the next day! Maybe with you more so than the kids!  Your kids will get a great deal of exercise, and they’ll certainly have fun.

Falling Down 
Something that’s unavoidable when it comes to skiing is falls. You’re going to fall, your kids are going to fall, and the snow will bounce you down the mountain. Learning how to recover from falls is important, as is learning how to stop and control the snowboard or skis beneath you. Usually, there will be daily classes at a given resort and if you haven't been before, it might be worth investing in a couple.

It makes sense if you have not skied before is to go as a family to one of the classes—which usually only last an hour or two—and then start down the slopes. If you’ve got a whole week to have fun, a little introductory course won’t slow things down too much. Thankfully, after a day or two on the slopes, it’s possible to really get a hang on the things. You may not be doing spins or back flips, but you’ll be able to get down the varying courses without falling down, and truly experience an exhilaration which may be attainable no other way.

The kids no doubt will want to come back again one day and might be naturals so you could then make it a yearly getaway when your BIG Trip has finished. At the very least,  like most of the trip, they’ll have done something many people in Australia never get the opportunity to do, and have memories to fondly look back on for years to come.

Let’s face it when you are travelling the country you really should look at every opportunity as you go and if you are not from NSW then try to time your stay for the snow season. What kid (or adult for that matter) does not want to experience snow at least once in their lives!?

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