Get your car road-trip ready for family travel with Travall

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your vehicle more road-trip appropriate, Travall shows you how to achieve this with three vehicle-specific accessories.

As a TAWKer, we know that you love to explore the wonderful sights around Australia and that you want to do that with the whole gang so nobody misses out on the experience. For your long road trips, camping adventures, day trips out, or just around town Travall offers the ultimate car accessory combo that will make travelling easier, will protect passengers, and will win your dog over as well. With the Travall vehicle-specific pet barrier, trunk divider, and rubber boot mat you, your family, and your dog will be ready for the road.

This alternative to permanently installed cargo barriers, protects passengers and driver from loose cargo in the boot and lowers driver distractions from a lively pet. It can be installed in about half an hour on average with no vehicular modifications required. It is removable in a matter of minutes, ready for reinstallation when needed.

The boot divider easily separates your dog from your gear or your gear from your dog. It works exclusively with the Travall® Guard. Installation and removal are simple with both achieved in minutes.

The rubber boot mat protects your boot’s carpeting from wet gear and dirt. It also provides comfort for your dog on a ride, aiding your dog’s stability on the curves.

Travall products are designed specifically for each make and model of vehicle so the fit is perfect. The pet barrier and divider are made of steel, formed in an oval design for additional strength. Both products are coated in a unique nylon powder to give a tough, non-toxic finish. The vehicle-specific design ensures a snug fit, which makes rattling barriers a thing of the past. The boot mat is manufactured in the same grade rubber as your vehicle’s tyres, but is infused with a subtle vanilla scent so there is no unpleasant odour. Its clever lipped design ensures that dirt and liquids remain on the mat and away from your boot’s carpeting. This dense, durable product withstands extremes of temperature, ensuring it will not crack or degrade over time.

Installing this 3-piece combo provides convenience and protection for the whole gang that’s sure to make it a family favourite. These are only a selection of the vehicle-specific products available, with more Travall products available online.  Protect your vehicle and your family, so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Visit online at to view the entire range of products available for your vehicle.

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Please Note: As the Travall® Guard has not yet been tested to Australian Standard 4034.2:2008 it is not suitable for the restraint of heavy cargo.

Thanks Travall for being TAWKer Supporters!

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