TAWK's Guide to
Travelling Australia With Kids

Your Guide to Travelling Australia With Kids - YOU asked for it and we made it happen!  We have collated lots of information and real experiences from our TAWK families to help you get started on your TAWK journey.

The TAWK Guide to Travelling Australia With Kids!  Finally all the information you need in one place! We are so excited to bring this e-book that we have been working on for a while now.  Easy to read format with handy links to help you get started on your trip.

Grab a copy right now and save yourself hours of sifting through the internet trying to find the information you need.  We have it all here for you, to help you get organised, to get planning and to bring your dream closer!

Got some questions?

TAWK's Guide to Travelling Australia With Kids eBook

eBook Guide

WHY an eBook?  One of the reasons is because of all the links that are also in the book - ie to other handy websites - for jobs on the road - education etc. You can read it on your Computer, iPad, Android tablet or Smartphone as long as you have an eReader (you can easily get an app if your device does not have one installed) and click through to the other handy websites.

After you click the Buy Now button, you will be directed through our secure payment system to pay with your credit card or PayPal account through the PayPal system. It'll be the best $14.95 you will spend today! As soon as payment is made, the book will be sent to you and you can literally get started!!  (I'm excited for you!)

TAWK's Guide to Travelling Australia With Kids will help answer your questions and the best bit is;  they are not just our answers, they are from other TAWKers too!  Who better to help you?  They are already out there TAWKing and know what it’s really like to be on the road every day with their children.  The real stuff, not just from a book…...although!? 

Of course you do! You have lots of questions – we all did at first. Questions like....
  • Where do we start?
  • How do we school our kids?
  • How do we earn money whilst travelling?
  • Can we get Centrelink?
  • Finances, how much do we need?
  • Should we take our dog?
  • What set up should we consider?
  • Do we need a washing machine?
  • What are you money saving tips?
  • What's it like being together 24/7?

And that's just a few of them!

"All of the FB pages recommended in your TAWK book for jobs are amazing!!! No way we couldn't find work so thanks heaps for putting it together TAWK" - Kira C

TAWK's Guide to Travel Australia With Kids page examples

TAWK’s aim is to encourage other families to travel the country with their children.  To reassure you that you can do it!  I’ve kept the book simple and to the point, so it’s easy to read and you don’t have to sift through lots of text to find the information you are after.

YOU have already started!  You are here. You are Planning!  You are finding out all the information you need to Travel Australia With Kids (TAWK). You will soon be TAWKers!

In the eBook, we endeavour to go through all your questions that you are thinking, because we were thinking them too! I’ve thrown in some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, as let’s face it that’s what everyone is asking!  So grab your copy now and make this dream happen.

Grab a copy, get started, get excited and get going!!

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