Tesalate Towel Thoughts

.As you can imagine, we often get asked to test or review items and mostly I say no as I don't think that you guys will benefit from the product.... until now!  The Tesalate Beach Towel. They asked if they could send me a free one for me to review and as I was about to head off to Coral Bay for our family holiday and would appreciate a new towel, I thought...why not!?

Well it certainly impressed me and I think it will impress you too!  Here's why I think you will like it.......

  • It rolls up real small - and space for you guys is a premium not only in the van, but with kids, even a trek to the beach can mean a hefty bag.  Mine are older now, so I not longer carry their gear and I have to say it was a BIG bag back then.  The Tesalate Towel however, folds up really small and infact was great as I could tuck it in anywhere... and I did!  I snuck it in my sister in law's bag - without her realising she was carrying my towel! Haha 
  • It really really REALLY does not hold beach sand! - I tested this a lot as we were at the beach a lot!  
My Tesalate Towel
  • My kids's towels were clugged up with sand!  Seriously and then I remembered the towels that we took on our trip were like a sand magnet too and heavy!  NOT these ones - A great GREAT feature!  You just know the feeling of shaking these heavy damp towels out.......
My kids NON Tesalate Towels!!
  • They dry YOU really quickly!  It's one of those things that you don't notice until you do.  There I was all dry and ready to go and those of my family with a 'lesser' towel were still rubbing and shaking (the sand off!) and I remembered at that moment it was a feature of the towel and another true one!
  • THEY dry really quickly! Bizarre but true.  One issue for us on our travels were the towels drying, drying in time to return to the beach and also drying it time to pack them away.  Again this was a surprise, how can they dry so quickly? No idea, BUT they do!  You might need to check out all the technicalities on the Tesalate Website here.
  • Lastly and maybe most odd is the amount of people that approached me to say proudly that 'they also have a Tesalate Towel'!  It's like you are in an elite club and have discovered some secret that the rest of the beach are yet to find out about.  They were all raving about the towel and believe me, as I was going to be writing this review I asked them.  Nothing but good things to say.

What's the down side?

  • Well they are not fluffy, like a towel fluffy - but thinking about it, I can never got my towels to retain their fluff anyway.  
  • They are not cheap, but again, I do not normally buy cheap towels either.  Some things are just worth paying that little bit extra for and towels are in that category for me. 

So that's about it.  I love the fact that it is an Aussie company and it's hardly a surprise that we have invented something so fabulous to help us enjoy our amazing beaches just that little bit more.  

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