When Steve from Expedition Australia asked me to review The BIG Lap DVD, I thought it would be another of those promo DVD's that continually suggest that; you stay at the Small 5 caravan park here, that you must drive a Blahwagon there and you should visit the Whatsaname restaurant in every town on the way.

INSTEAD we were all instantly captivated as it reminded us sooo much of our own two year road trip a year earlier. This is the movie we wished we had made. It's real, it's authentic. it's the adventure that you will have too!

Even our children couldn't wait for each episode! We watched one a night, and ALL of us looked forward to it.  Hubby and I kept looking at each other and nodding in agreement about the challenges and the moments that they experienced and we could relate to.

What is it about the BIG Lap DVD that appealed to me?

The BIG Lap DVD is an absolute MUST SEE for families wanting to travel Australia with their kids and who would like an idea of what they are in for:

  • You get a view from both sides!  All the 'boy stuff' AND the 'girl stuff'!
  • Preparation tips and hints
  • The all important safety issues
  • The reservations and concerns about what lies ahead
  • REAL experiences in real time - the good AND the bad!
  • And a yearning to get out there and do the same.
Steve and family from Expedition Australia

Boy stuff and Girl stuff!

Steve has managed to incorporate all the things that I think that the guys would be more interested in (she says at the risk of political incorrectness!).

  • All the safety issues with the car and trailer;
  • The reasons why you might need things, but also how to go about doing the work.
  • The Preparation, that is so important and sometimes when embarking on a trip like this, you don't really have the experience to know where to start.  Well you will now!

Then you have the other side of things, from Jen's side

  • The concerns and trepidations of a journey to remote parts of Australia with very young children.
  • What to take and what not to take.
  • Missing family and friends and how hard it can be sometimes when you feel you are far away from them.

The Big Lap DVD is a bit like a reality show, you are right there with the family and you see how, as the journey goes along, how much fun they have as a family, how the girls are included in everything and how any issues are dealt with.  And again, we could relate to every minute of it.

Cathedral Gorge Purnululu National Park

Educational - Surprise Element

A real surprise element to The Big Lap DVD was the educational element throughout.  It really does enforce the fact that Travelling Australia With Kids not only gives the children a great experience but there really are oodles and oodles of opportunities to learn.  Steve's children were maybe a bit small to take a lot of the facts on different places along the way, but mine weren't and they learnt heaps on the road.  This DVD will prove it to you.

Steve obviously has a huge interest in Australia and it's history and makes you realise that real experience beats just reading the information books any day. 

Not always Rosy

Of course you could not present real time DVD like this without touching on the more challenging times.  The above picture would be one of their bigger ones!  Of course this is not likely to happen to you, but it takes you through how you cope with issues that present themselves.  How you overcome different situations as they come.....and they will.  BUT let's face it, they do in 'normal' life too.

You realise that the weather may not always be on your side and you will see how you get through those days. You see wear and tear on their trailer too and the way that any obstacles were overcome.

Finances will no doubt be a concern to you too, well even here, they came up with a very good solution and one that seriously you could replicate!  Simple and easy.

It's Real

The Big Lap DVD tells it how it is, it's real and it will give you a feel for life on the road.  You are there with them and you get to see not only what challenges you may face but the sheer happiness of a life travelling the country, that you could have too.  I could see the way, as the trip went on,  the stresses and madness of 'normal' life left them both and was replaced with the complete joy of simple pleasures.  I miss that soooo much.

We finished watching the DVD and we miss it!  We miss life on the road and we miss this two year window of our life that took us away from the madness and back to basics.

If you are seriously thinking of doing The Big Lap, then splash out and buy this DVD it really will be the best investment you will make.

If you have already done the trip, and if you did not video your trip....then again, you should invest in this trip and join me on the "Oh remember that!" and "That's what we did".  It takes you right back there and at least now I have another way to escape the madness of my busy world even if its for half hour a day!

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