Are you a member of the 3 am Club??

I hate this club, I never wanted to be a member, I still don't but I'm in and have been for a while now.  It's exhausting, there are no benefits and you cannot seem to leave of your own accord.  Every now and then you don't attend and you have a moment of glee thinking you are out but then a few days later, you're back in.

Just the heads up, you don't choose it, it chooses you!

How do you know if you're a member?

There are a few tell tell signs that you are a member of the 3 O'Clock Club and I will list them here - you may have additional few signs for your particular branch so feel free to add in the comments below...

  • You wake up anywhere between 2am and 4 am and stay awake until about 30 minutes before your alarm goes off.
  • Your mind then goes through everything that's on it, or been on it for the last few days in fine detail and sometimes fixates on one subject.
  • You think you need to got to the loo, you then realise that you don't but then can't relax just in case, you then try to forget about it but can think of nothing else, so you go anyway.
  • You start making lists, in your mind.  You think you should write them down, but then you'd really wake if you turned the light on, so you decide to memorise them, you get a system to remember them.... but of course in the morning...... nothing.  You can remember nothing.
  • You cannot find a comfortable position at all in bed any more.  Not on your back, front or on either side, you didn't realise how awkward it was to lie on your side... or your back... or your front... or just lying down in general.
  • You're too hot, then too cold, then hot, then cold, then uncomfortable, then hot again, then cold again...
  • You solve several issues that were on your mind.  You now know what you are going to do and say, you have gone over every scenario - but when you wake in the morning - you remember nothing of your decisions, only that it took up most of the night.
  • You look at the clock every 20 - 30 minutes, you know you shouldn't but you just need to know how long you have been awake, so that in the morning you can tell everyone exactly how much time your were awake.
  • You finally fall back to sleep and your alarm goes off, you wake but this time you cannot stay awake, all you want to do is sleep.

The 3 O'Clock Club Sucks

The 3 O'Clock Club does suck BUT you cannot leave it.  Camomile tea, green tea, no tea... it makes no difference.   Warm milk, warm bath, warm cuddle ...nope, it doesn't help.  This is a club you are in with thousands of others, it's just that you can never meet them there.  This club only lets you join when you are doing one thing that only you can do for yourself.... sleep.  You can only join when you sleep but to be in it, you don't.  Go Figure.

So I ask again, are you in the 3 O'Clock Club?

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