The TAWK Travel Finance Tracker

Our Travel Finance Tracker can help you work out how much the trip might cost you!  You input how long you think you might travel, how many KM you intend to cover, the fuel cost for your vehicle and VOILA!!  We'll work it all out for you.

First up though; my disclaimer - This is in no way financial advice!

One of the most FAQ to TAWK is "How much will it cost to Travel Australia With our Kids?"

Our Finance Tracker can help!

The TAWK Finance Tracker helps you to work out how much it might cost you to travel Australia and then will track your finances as you go.

I created the Travel Finance Tracker Spreadsheet as I am one of those people that likes to know where my money is going and how much I am spending. If YOU are one of these people too, you are going to love this! 

This is only a guide and you pop in your own financials that represent your own situation this will hopefully help you to see where you are at.

It would help to have a basic knowledge of an Excel Spreadsheet.

Have a look at this example.....

First up:  Fuel

Jim's family intends to travel for 12 months, and anticipates travelling 36,000 KM's, he's worked out his car uses 13 litres of fuel for every 100KM and he's paying $1.50 per litre....

Next Up: Accommodation

We've worked out that Jim will spend $7020 on fuel for the 12 months, averaging $585 per month and $135.10 per week.

Jim's family would like to do half their trip in Caravan Parks, half at National Parks and also some Free Camping, he inputs the nights and what he thinks the costs will be per night and the tracker does the rest!

As you can see the result again appear as an average per month and per week.  The tracker then adds it all up and gives you the totals of both your fuel and accommodation.

Most of the other expenses for the trip, you would pay anyway, ie food, insurances and you can input all of these into the Finance Tracker also.

"Very easy to understand the instructions and how cool (or scary!) to keep track of your records like that." Belinda G


Once you have purchased it you will be sent a download link and you will be able to download and get going with it immediately.

The instructions appear on the first tab and as well as giving you an overview of the spreadsheet, it also instructs you step by step on where and how to put in your figures.

"Its like a whole budgeting/accounting system in one!!!"  Fabio F

So I am optimistic that you will find it useful.

There are several charts and it gives you an easy visual so you can see where you finances are at, where your money is being spent and how you are going.

There are also 'Monthly' tabs to input your changing finances monthly and also a spot to record the details of where your money is being spent. There are also two spots where you can add in 'other' expenses, that I may not have accounted for.

They are in month by month order, but if you start your journey in June, then you can just complete from June onwards. 

At the end of the 'monthly' tabs, there is an example tab to give you an idea on what to put in and where.

"I wish that this was available when we were travelling, we might have been able to stay on the road longer! Good job guys" Catherine S

There is a Monthly Analysis tab which is auto populated (put in - for the less techie!) from other areas of the spreadsheet and it gives you an idea where your 'Trip' expenses are going as a percentage of the money spent on the trip. ie fuel, accommodation, groceries. 

"I just downloaded the Travel Finance Tracker and its amazing. Well done, very detailed and will come in handy daily" Cam L

I really hope that this will help you keep a track of where your money is being spent and then you can see if you need any adjustments to your spending or earning.

Once again, this is not financial advice, you should consult your own financial consultant for that!

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