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Australian Travel Books

I know we live in the digital age, but sometimes you need a book in your hot little hand and nothing else will do.  You can make notes on the maps, you can keep them in the car you can access them when there is no reception!

We have made a Library of our favourite Australian Travel Books or other books that we think will help you on your trip.  If you think of any that we can add to this, then please contact us and we will look into popping it on the page.

TAWK Guide

Everything you need to know to turn your dream of travelling Australia with your kids into a plan.

Drones for Dummies

Drones can play a great part in recording your trip, but they may take some getting used to.  There's also some regulations around their use.  We found this book and thought it could be a useful gift or addition to your travel library.

Are we there yet?

Get this one for the kids!  It's the trip you are no doubt looking at doing - through the eyes of a child. I even got mine to do their very own version.  Well worth getting.

Wild Australia

A great book for the kids as they travel around Australia to identify some of the wildlife they will see in different states.  Great to help with some education too.

Bush Camping with dogs

We did not travel with a dog - so this one is a recommendation from other TAWKers that do travel with theirs.  They find that planning ahead and knowing where they can and cannot take their dog really helps.

Camps 9 (Camping Bible!)


Where would we be without this book?  Many call it their 'Camping Bible'. This is the Australian Travel Book to get! We used it (or the previous version of it) constantly and it proved really helpful on our travels.  You will too! 

Quiz book

Designed for all the family to play against each other, specifically for TAWKers to play on those loooong trips!  Pass the time and educate the kids without them realising it!  Shhhh!!

More Australian Travel Books

Travel Journals

What a great idea a Travel Journal and Log Book for the kids to keep as they travel.  Our school encouraged the children to keep a Travel Journal as we travelled Australia. These have been designed specifically, whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays or months of adventures on the road.

Free Camping South of WA

Another Free Camping Book that I'd like to add to our Australian Travel Book Library is this one. We used it alongside the Camps 8.  It is more specific to the area and much more detailed.

Kids Travel Atlas

The Kids Travel Atlas is a great way to involve the kids in any journey and avoid the feeling of being 'dragged along for the ride'.  Again, we did not use this but it looks like it could be worth the small cost.

Free Camping Tasmania

We did not get to Tassie this time, but I'm assured that this book is worth it's weight in gold and definitely worth grabbing if you are heading to Tasmania.

Make Trax Free Camps


Another great book detailing the free camps in Australia with up to date notes and GPS coordinates.  All the roads and tracks in Australia with high detail in outback areas.

Kids on the Road NT

With strong links to the Australian Curriculum this Australian Travel book helps the kids to appreciate the Northern Territory in an educational way. Improve your child’s understanding and appreciation of this land, it's people while developing an understanding of many syllabus areas.

Australia's Best Trips

We haven't used this, but we've been assured it's worth the investment.  With all the hard work done for you, you get a colourful journey of the trip to do.

Free Camping North of WA

Another book we found invaluable was this one.  There is a lot more detail in it than Camps 8 and we found at the time, many more spots that were not well known.

Caravan Parks Australia

I didn't know about this Australian Travel Book incorporating caravan parks in Australia but I wish we did.  It would have saved me a lot of time!  I'm not sure if all of them are in here, but might be worth grabbing.

Australian Fishing Guide

Now this is one that we wish we did get!  So often we'd be out there fishing and end up with pasta for dinner. Divided up into states and all the info that you need ie. licences etc.  Grab this one and get fish for dinner!

Should you have a product that you think our TAWKers would love, please contact us.

Thanks for visiting the TAWK Library, do come again as we will be adding more things to help our TAWKers Travel Australia With Kids!

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