TAWKer SUPPORTers - Products and Services

Welcome to our TAWKer Supporters Products and Services Page.

The products or services here are ones that we think you will love and might find handy on your travels whilst TAWKing AND have special offers for TAWKers. 

If you have something/somewhere that you recommend and think that we should contact OR you have a product or service  would like to offer TAWKers discounts then please contact us for consideration to be a TAWKer Supporter.

We also have TAWKer Supporter Caravan Parks and Attractions, please have a look at both to see where you can save.

Action Bike Ski

Action Bike Ski owners Shayne (“Scratcha”) and Julie are TAWKers themselves and approached us to become TAWKer Supporters!  They have just finished a trip and know just what you need to make the best of your trip around Australia.  You have to have a look at all that they sell and offer.  I was astounded and I think you will be too.  So many things that will make your trip amazing are here in one place!

You can see from below the categories.  More information here and grab your discount code!  OH and they also have tours along the Mighty Murray River and hire options too.


Jean from AlignMat contacted me to offer her product to TAWKers as she thinks it can really help you with those long driving days. It's an acupressure Mat!

It helps to stimulate blood flow and increase muscle relaxation, thus decreasing pain caused by long-distance driving and as TAWKers, we do a lot of that!!

The benefits that acupressure mats provide include:

  • Increases blood flow giving you a burst in energy levels (handy for when your driving for long periods)
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Releases any muscle tension, including any neck and back pain which is commonly suffered during long-distance driving
  • Helps stimulate restful sleep and hormones

Children can also use the AlignMat, but it's recommended for a maximum of 5 minutes. Children should also wear socks when standing on the Alignmat and a shirt when lying down.

For more information about how the product works please visit the AlignMat website.

Use the code TAWK for a 10% discount! Please support Jean supporting you.

At Home With You - School Readiness Program

Discover, create, improvise and imagine..  Check out - At Home With You!

Many families travelling the country have young kids and are concerned about them missing out on their kindergarten years.  If this is you, this might be the answer.  It's a teacher developed program that focuses on creating meaningful and exciting learning experiences for your child where ever you may be.

At Home With You has been designed to support families teaching children the skills of kindergarten, through playful, hands on and play based experiences plus a the same time, creating a community of families focus on supporting and encouraging the development of their child’s education.  This could be really helpful on the road.

The program has weekly online tutorials that will give parents the skills and knowledge to deliver the content to their child in a fun and playful way. Then, weekly there is the opportunity to discuss the content from the program, have examples and engaging activities and play based ideas to help you achieve the outcomes where ever you may be.

They would like to offer TAWK Members a discount, so use the code TAWK10.

Email: athomewithyou@outlook.com.au or Message Rubie on their Facebook Page.


Now here is a great idea and surely a 'Must Have' on your trip. 

The BBQARM. Australian designed and built on the Gold Coast, this space-saving innovation simply mounts to your caravan drawbar or rear bar to create a sturdy ‘out of the way’ place for your BBQ!  It's a perfect table for your nibbles.  It can also be a coffee table.

We are so happy to have them on board the TAWKer Supporter Program as owners Tony and Kylie are also TAWKers with a young family.  Infact it was Kylie's desire for a neater campsite and Tony's need for less packing up (and I think we can all relate to both of these - Mandy from TAWK!) that the idea for the BBQARM was born. TAWK Members will get a 10% discount - please use the code TAWK10.

With their great tow-hitch mount, you can use your BBQARM whenever and wherever you travel.  It's so easy to set up and pack away and it's tidy! 

Have a quick look at the video below (although they are not at the show now, but you'll get the idea!) and visit their Facebook Page or Website for more info.

Big Sky Therapy

What a great resource this is for some of our travelling families!  Ruth contacted me as she can see that many travelling families have children that may need a bit of extra support when on the road.

Big Sky Therapy is an online Occupational Therapy service for children aged 2 -18 years. Regardless of where you are in Australia, specialist advice is available without the need to travel long distances.  Ruth has experience working and travelling in remote areas and understands the challenges and opportunities that living in Big Sky country presents.

The online therapy offers continuity for travelling families and their child/ren. They offer assessment, therapy and parent coaching to help your child/ren reach their Big Sky Goals. Plus of course, the child can be seen in their own environment.

Big Sky Therapy offers TAWK Members a 10% discount on their hourly rate.

For more information check out www.bigskytherapy.com.au or call Ruth on 0448 719 798. She is looking forward to connecting with you, so please if your child/ren needs some assistance, please support Big Sky Therapy supporting you.

Busy Little Bosses

Now this is a great idea AND story!  You know how the best ideas come from an experience and you look for something that you need, but it's not there?

Busy Little Bosses is run by Tom who came up with this great idea for children to be entertained while staying in hospital overnight. Tom 19, who has Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia, knew from his own experience and time spent in hospital as a child that he’d prefer to work on activities or do something fun, rather than sit around bored in hospital for hours!  So Busy Little Bosses was born.

He then realised that not only is it a great idea for kids in hospital, it's also a great idea for kids when they travel our great land and spend hours in the car AND we agree with that! In each bag includes 11 carefully selected high-quality, unisex activities your kids will love. The versatile activity bag has an age range of 3-7 years old and will always include a colouring book, pencil case, crayons and a range of stickers, as well as other creative items to keep them busy and inspire. PLUS look at the awesome travel trays!  

Tom would like to offer TAWK Members a 10% discount and would really appreciate your support of his little business.  At present he does not have a website - and you need to send him a message to order. You can do that by emailing on busylittlebosses@hotmail.com OR messaging him on the Busy Little Bosses Facebook Page here.

Please support Tom supporting you.

Breezy Shade

I am getting one of these!  No more will you see me fighting with those fold up beach tents - you know the ones, those round things, they pop out easy enough BUT you can never find  that same ease to pack them away.  Now I know that time of my life is over! Thank goodness for that.

THIS is perfect - The Breezy Shade. So easy to set up AND more importantly pack away, YAY!  Even the kids can do it.  I also love them because they are small and compact, you can use them on sand or grass and easy adapt them as the sun moves.

Another great plus for me is that they are designed from a nature loving family from Brissy QLD.

After a lot of researching and educating themselves, they planned and designed the perfect shading solution for the beach, camping, park and just about anywhere you want to go.  More benefits...

  • Sun protection  UPF 50+
  • Made of top-quality stretchable Lycra Polyester
  • Super light
  • Wind resistant
  • Breathable & quick to dry
  • Setup with 3 simple steps and super easy to pack away.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colours

They are now TAWKer Supporters, so with the code TAWK10 you will get 10% off.  Please support this Aussie family owned and operated business as they support you.  Head over to their website now, there is a great little video where you can see how easy they are to set up and pack down.  

Be social!  Visit Breezy Shade on Facebook and Instagram.

Complete Education Australia

Complete Education Australia approached us to become TAWK Supporters as they saw that educating your children on the road was one of your major concerns and think that they may have the answer that you are looking for.  And because they are TAWK Supporters, you of course get a TAWK Discount!

What I really like about Complete Education Australia is that they understand that some of the best advancements in the our history have been from people that have been taught to think outside the box.  I think that by giving your children the gift of travelling and exploring our gorgeous country, helps them to do just that!

Find out more here....

Australia FREE 3 - The Essential Guide to Australia for your Road Trip

Now here's a book you might like to grab and at a good 20% discount too!  Australia Free 3 is an essential guide to Australia for the budget conscious traveller - and as families we can all relate to that! It has one simple purpose: to bring to the traveller the best FREE places to stay, FREE things to do, and FREE sights to see = Happy days!! It has around 1,500 activities and sites, and 1,500 free camp sites.

The guidebooks author, Mike Koch, has spent 7 years meticulously researching, investigating, photographing, documenting and personally visiting the thousands of locations that are available to stay, visit and enjoy for FREE.

  • Features 1,500 free activities and sights, and 1,500 free camp sites across Australia, including waterfalls, swimming holes, museums, zoos, playgrounds, galleries, parks and gardens.
  • Many inclusions have never before been previously mentioned in a guide book.
  • Detailed maps and GPS co-ordinates ensure travellers have no trouble finding the attractions.
  • Custom icons throughout the guide show readers at a glance what facilities are available at camping location.

The idea for Australia Free was first thought about when on a camping trip to Cairns, travellers at the local caravan park heard Mike knew a lot about Australia and came to him for advice on their travels. "I kept hearing the same story – Australia is expensive to travel. What is there to see and do that is free?"  The idea was born and the book was written.

As a TAWKer member, you can get 20% off Australia Free 3 - To order, please click here to visit their secure website and make sure you enter the Promo Code 'afree3' at the checkout to ensure you receive your discount. 

Camooweal Caravan Repairs

What a great idea; Mobile Caravan Repair Service!  From caravan awning repairs to wheel bearing and brake issues, Randall from Camooweal Caravans can help.

When you are travelling around, problems come up from time to time and you need to get them repaired.  If you are in the area of far western Queensland and the Gulf Country to the north, then you need to call Randall.

With Lawn Hill National Park and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the area, you will no doubt be passing nearby as you travel our wonderful country.

Find out more about your TAWKer Discount here....

Cramped in a Van - Talyala Emu Oil Products

Some of our great TAWKing families are running a business as they travel our wonderful land and Cramped in a Van are one of them.  The are selling the amazing Talyala Emu Oil from their van whilst they travel.  You can also order online (if you are already travelling, get the items sent to a post office where you are heading to pick up 'post restante').

Cramped in a Van would like to support the travelling community too and offer a 10% discount on the Talyala Emu Oil Range; you will need to use the code CRAMPED to get the discount - or of course, follow them on Facebook and see where they are and maybe you are nearby and can buy direct from them. What are the benefits of emu oil?

Australia’s Indigenous people have long known about the healing power of emu oil, and modern science is only just catching up. So; 

This natural, anti-inflammatory product is rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F. Taken internally or used topically, it can assist with a number of conditions:

  • Arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, bruising and sprains
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin
  • Wounds, scars, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thinning or greying hair
  • Burns and sunburn
  • Insect bites

For more information and to see the whole range, check out the Talyala Emu Oil Website here and don't forget to use the code CRAMPED* for the TAWK discount. 

* This code won't work on bundles and multi buy packs, so if you want capsules for example, add the single jar to your cart, and adjust the quantity required, then use your coupon code to apply the 10% discount - contact look on Cramped in a Vans Facebook page if you have any issues. 

The Healthy Wallet Project

Would you like to get your finances in order so that you could travel sooner or longer?  Sometimes a little help can give you that start and encouragement that you need.

Terri Watson is a mother of 3 and has created The Healthy Wallet Project a safe space for people to become financially empowered to make strong financial decisions to start making their goals happen.  It sounds perfect for families that wish to make travelling Australia with their kids a plan instead of a dream OR if you are already on the road, a way to learn how to be more financially aware to possibly extend your travels!

Terri runs Financially Fearless group coaching program where she shares her 12 week step by step guide that helped her and her husband climb their way out of their crippling debt and she has spent the past 3 years working in the financial industry gaining professional experience and qualifications. You can also work with Terri one on one in her Savvy Saver program.

"I'll never forget the moment we hit our financial rock bottom. We had two young children with only had one wage coming in that was somehow suppose to cover a mortgage, a car on finance, 3 maxed out credit cards. To say there was more money going out then what was coming in would be an understatement." Terri explains.

If you are keen to kick start your financial goals with a strong budget to get you there check on her Website or Facebook Page when is the next program, otherwise you can work with her one on one any time.

Use the code TAWKTHWP to get 20% off - see you are already saving!

Send Terri a message here to get started or find out more.

MojiLife Australia

I am a big smelly girl - Ahhh that doesn't sound right!  I mean I love smells and fragrances and how they affect your senses and memories. When I was on the road, I missed my oil burners - Let's face it; candles and caravans, not a great mix!  So I was stoked when one of our TAWKing families told me about their MojiLife Australia Business that they had taken on the road.

There are the wonderful AirMoji's that uses no wax or flame to enjoy the aromas, you just turn it on, and enjoy a hassle free experience with your favourite essential oils and fragrances.  Perfect for van life as sometimes it can get a little choice in the van with all the family living together in such a small space ❤

BUT there are also much more to her business - so you best off head to her MojiLife Australia website to see all the other items available,

Sara would like to offer you a 10% discount - but you will need to contact here directly on her MojiLife Australia Facebook Page to organise.  Please support Sara supporting you.

Tel : 0457203839 or Email : mojilifeaust@gmail.com

Morley Canvas - WA

Make a note of Morley Canvas when you are you in WA!  The team are specialists in fabric manufacturing and repairs, fixing and replacing tears in caravan annexes, awnings, pop-top skirts and camper trailers.

They can even manufacture a complete reskin for old or faded caravans.  Infact they can do so many things, that you might like to go check out their Facebook page and all the photos there for a better idea.

Being a West Australian owned and operated business (with locations in Perth and Binningup - South West of WA),  all work is completed right here in Western Australia using the highest quality fabrics available. The manufacturing is also all done custom, so bring your crazy ideas and watch the specialised team bring it to life, such as a surfboard/swag combo, or custom camping bags to suit your family’s needs.

So, if you’re travelling through Perth or South West of WA and notice a rip or tear in your caravan or camper trailer, stop in and have it repaired by the Morley Canvas team.

TAWK members receive 10% off the cost of repairs and reskins of caravans or camper trailer fabrics. Just be sure to mention your membership when booking and the discount will be applied to your invoice.

Tel: (08) 9375 9500   Email: info@morleycanvas.com.au

Ninja Shark - Full Face Snorkel Masks

My oh MY!!  This is one product that I so so soooo wish was around back in 2010 when we did our trip around Australia! I could just not get the hang of the whole snorkel tube, blocked nose and mask coordination and frankly did not enjoy the snorkelling on the Ningaloo and Great Barrier reefs, which should have been the experience of a life time!  The Ninja Shark full faced masks would have changed that for me. You can check out my experience in detail here.

Andrew and Allizee from Ninja Shark realised this was a difficulty for many people and so embarked on a journey to ensure that breathing and experiencing the world underwater would be as easy and stress free as possible.  Not only for nervous Nellies' like me BUT how easy is this for the kids too! Ohhh this is one must take item on your trip around Australia! So easy for the kids to use and again more relaxing for us parents!

Luckily for us; Ninja Shark are now TAWKer Supporters and so you guys get a 10% discount!  Use the code TAWK10 at checkout on the Ninja Shark website and save.  Support this Aussie owned and run business as they support you.

The Gluten Free Food Company

Now there is much more than the gluten free idea that I love about this product. First up of course it will benefit those that are gluten intolerant BUT I also like the fact that it is healthy convenience food!

I reckon it's perfect for travelling families and those conscious of health and nutrition. All gluten and dairy free, has no preservatives or additives, ever, with mostly organic ingredients. All products are also vegan.

It's said that the Mac and Cheez range in particular tastes like the real thing - get some for the kids and I'm sure you'll get some feedback! All you do is add water and cook.

Seriously convenient and takes up minimal space when travelling. Apparently they are light and have a long shelf life.

Another absolute winner.......This is a local sunny coast business - the products have been created in Australia. For more info and to see all the products available, head over to The Gluten Free Food Company Australia's website.  

When you order, make sure you pop in the code : NATURALNOMAD to get 15% off

Patrolin' Aus - Happy Glamper

I love it when TAWKers start their own business and as a community we can support them and if you are a TAWK Member you will get the TAWK Discount.

Patrolin Aus are a TAWKing family and proud stockists of "The Happy Glamper Co" Stainless Steel Range. They sell their Goblets (ones that you can use for 'Happy Hour' keeps your bubbles nice and cool!!),  Man Mugs (supersize drinking mugs), Water Bottles and Straws. They are fabulous for the adults as well as the kids, because:

  • ⚡ Light Weight ⚡Multi Use ⚡ Double Walled ⚡ No Condensation ⚡ Keeps Drinks Icy Cold for Hours ⚡ Keeps Drinks Hot for Hours ⚡Reuse/Recycle ⚡ Insulated ⚡ Come with Lids ⚡ Funky Colours ⚡ Trendy Designs

Perfect for Camping, Caravanning, Glamping, Road trips and Every Day Use. So many features and benefits in One Cup/Mug/Drink bottle!

TAWK members will receive a 10% discount off all their products when they purchase through Patrolin' Aus. Use the code TAWK10 and in notes section of checkout reference your membership number please.

Please support them supporting you and check out all their items on their website here.


A TAWKing family told me about Pilanky.  A product that they use and love and thought that it would be great for travelling families.  I had to agree, so we made contact with them and lucky for us, Jo from Pilanky said they would love to become TAWKer Supporters and offer a 10% discount to TAWKing families.

 Jo invented The Pilanky to help parents with a practical sleep/rest solution for Daycare, Pre-School, Travelling, Camping and Sleepovers. It is a comfortable roll out bed with mattress and pillow attached and comes with a double width sheet and blanket. It is 100% machine washable and the child’s name can be embroidered on it.  Being on the road I truly feel that the kids love having personalised items and with the Pilanky they can.  

It's also an All-In-One Bed so very easy and compact to pack instead of packing many other bulky bedding items.

There are other items that Jo sells, so nip over to the website and have a look and use the coupon code TAWK to get your 10% off. 

Please support Jo supporting you. 


Unpack ~ Inflate ~ Explore

Galways Go Round have to be one of the most positive and encouraging families that I have the pleasure to 'e-know'!  We have never met in person (yet!) But I feel as though they are friends.  They have TAWKed and now get away as often as they can and lend their travelling experience to encourage other families to explore our amazing county. 

So when they joined up with Red Paddle Co to sell these great products I was keen to get them on board the TAWK Supporter Program.  They said YES!

The inflatable stand up paddle board from Red Paddle Co is the a great idea to take with you on your trip. Plus you will have family fun to enjoy well into the future. They have sizes that will also suit the kids!  These compact and portable boards are lightweight and the highest quality available.

Galways Go Round are mobile retailers of Red Paddle Co and certified by Red to help you decide the best board to suit your needs. To discuss your needs give Sharon a call on 0416 163656 before ordering. 

And when you do order, use code TAWK to receive free shipping Australia wide and free leg rope, total value $100. More info here. Please support this great TAWK family supporting you ❤❤

River to Ocean Adventures

When River to Ocean Adventures contacted me to offer you guys a discount I was stoked as they offer a range of products that I see many families use on their travels. They are a family run business and spending time in the ocean is also their passion, so they truly know what's important when it comes to purchasing the best equipment.   

AND let's face it - NOW might be the perfect time to buy and make the most of your trip and what the rivers and oceans of Australia have to offer.

They do have lots of items that you'll find useful on your trip and also have a wide range of Inflatable water sports equipment. Inflatables are fast becoming so popular and I see it with TAWKers all the time using them.  Mainly of course due to the convenience in transporting them.  Kayaking and paddle boarding has never been so easy whilst travelling!

They've teamed up with us here at TAWK to bring you some great package deals which will allow your whole tribe to get involved. 

They ship Australia wide and shipping is FREE over $100 for all inflatables and some none inflatables. You will benefit with a 10% discount with the code TAWK!

Round and Round

How's this for a great idea from a TAWKing family!?  Not only are they keeping us all supplied with coffee they can organise some stickers and branding for you too!

From the team that are travelling and bringing amazing coffee around Australia, Round & Round now brings you custom made stickers and stubby holders!

Andy Hoffman is an experienced graphic designer and has been focusing on bringing fellow travellers ideas to life in the form of unique car/van stickers or personalised stubby holders. Maybe you just need help with a logo idea for a blog or t-shirts?

Special offer for for TAWKers- receive $10 off your quote. Email jess@roundandround.com.au for more info and use discount code: TAWK18

SJ Automotive - Wangara W.A.

S & J Automotive Repairs are a family owned and operated business that love to travel and camp with their kids themselves.

Whilst not TAWKing at the moment, they contacted us to offer TAWK Members a 10% discount.

Let's face it, one of the most important things to get right on the trip is the car as you don't want it breaking down. So get your Car, Brakes, Tyres and in my opinion another important thing, your air-con in top condition before you set off.

They unfortunately cannot offer this on service as the cost is so low, starting from $109 but on everything else they can, so if you are in the area and can support them supporting you, please do so.  A personalised service from a family that wants to support TAWKers.  

Star Gianatti - Senior ENJO Consultant

When Star from ENJO first contacted me about becoming a TAWK Supporter, I wasn't entirely sure it'd be a good fit BUT then we got "TAWKing" and I realised that as a group we are a bit more in tune with the environment than most, I quickly realised; infact it's a perfect fit. 

Star loves to camp and when she does, she takes the ENJO products with them for use while camping or travelling as they find they don’t want to spend their holidays using nasty chemicals and they want to make travel as easy as possible by reducing the number of bottles and liquids they carry. She says "A small stash of microfibres weighs nothing, can be kept anywhere and is not at risk of flammable or hazardous interactions.

Our long-term goal is to travel around Australia for 2 years with our children and support our travel by taking ENJO to caravan parks and local markets along the way. I have built up a very loyal and caring customer base in Perth as well as up and down the WA coast and I hope to extend that base as we travel and introduce new families in every state to these wonderful and innovative products."

The discounts she is offering TAWKERS: 

  • 10% discount on individual items AND 5% discount on all Bundles (they are discounted already) on all ENJO - Cleaning products and Sante by ENJO - Body and face products

Orders over $250 get FREE shipping ($9.95 value). This is on top of whatever monthly special we have already going.!

To get yourselves a great deal or for more information, please contact her directly on her Facebook Page, call on 0424 545 575 or email star.gianatti@yahoo.com.au and support her supporting you.

Subo - The Essential Food Bottle

I'd like to introduce 'Subo' - The Food Bottle that is here to save your car on your trip!

I saw this first on Shark Tank and at the time, I thought what a great idea it would be for TAWKers! It is proudly Australian Made, invented, owned and operated so tick, tick tick in my book!

Young children from 6 months can easily sip food from Subo's soft silicon spout as there's no need to squeeze - which if you've ever used those squeeze pouches, you'll know the mess they can make! Inside these, is a nifty little invention of a platform that automatically moves up the bottle as the child sips the food directly into their mouths. It's a world first!

You can relax during your trip, knowing your children can enjoy an easy and nutritious meal that goes into their mouths and not all over themselves, their siblings, the car seat, the windows or the floor! Happy Days. AND to make this even better Subo would like to offer TAWK Members $5 OFF - That's a 16% saving! You'll need the code 'subotawk' so make sure you grab one or two and support them supporting you.

Tim Coulson - Online Photography Workshop

Oh Tim Coulson!  Where were you when I started our 2 year trip around Australia 10 years ago!?  I look back now at our photos and so so sooooo wish I'd have taken better shots.  I just did not know how. We went to all these amazing places and I took many photos from .........  my phone!  BIG Fail!!  My amazing trip was not captured with amazing photos and I'm still disappointed about that.  NOW Tim can change all that for you. 

If you are anything like us, you've spent lots of money on your set up, you've no doubt made a sacrifice to make sure you have the best trip ever; Knowing what I know now, I ask you just how you are going to ensure you preserve those memories and invite you to consider taking Tim Coulson's Workshop. He's also like to offer TAWKers a 30% discount!

Tim was a TAWKer himself and took his family around the country last year. He met lots of families and just about everyone asks him: how to take better photos and what gear he uses etc. etc. Many had invested in fabulous cameras themselves but didn't know how to use them.  He realised that he could use his knowledge and passion to help others and created an online photography workshop for people who wanted to learn how to make the best from their cameras. The workshop is totally online and would be perfect for families travelling Aus who want to take the best photos possible.

There are a series of videos that you work through at your own pace and you can view as many times as you like. It includes everything you will need to know to get the best shots on your trip.  You also gain access to Tim's private Facebook group for the workshop, where you can continue to ask questions and advice. 

Go check out the Trailer for his Workshop and use the code: TAWK for your 30% discount. Or email if you need any more info or have any questions on timothycoulson@gmail.com AND get Social with him on Instagram.  Please support him supporting you. 

Tint My Car - WA

I so so sooo wished we'd have known about this when we travelled!  It would have stopped those towels being used to block the sun -which in turns takes the view away!

Tint My Car in Malaga WA is offering 10% discount to TAWK Members, so make sure you grab your membership card to take advantage of the discount.  We put a poll out on our Facebook page asking what TAWKers thoughts were about tinting their windows and ALL those that had done it, said it was worth every penny!  Contact Scott on 0411 953 893 and tell him you are a TAWK Member and ask about the TAWK discount.

Wonderbag Store

Oh YES!  We all need one of these surely!!  I know I do and will be taking advantage of the TAWK discount to grab one for my family. 

When Lisa from the Wonderbag Store contacted me to become a TAWKer Supporter, I just knew that her product really would suit the travelling community. I know that I would have loved to have had one when we were on the road.  A slow cooker WITHOUT the need for any other power! It cooks away as you drive away!

Imagine, just before you set off for the day, you simply bring your food to the boil on a stove, let it simmer for a bit, and then put the sealed pot into your Wonderbag. Your food will then slow cook without the use of any additional power! You can go out exploring for the day or  drive to your next destination knowing that dinner is in the bag and ready whenever and wherever you are. Happy Days!

The Wonderbag also works as a chiller – it makes a great esky for a beach or boat trip. Also if you're not cooking in your Wonderbag, it is great for storing your fruit! Things like avocado, tomatoes and bananas travel really well. This clever little slow cooker is a great and versatile addition to your camp kitchen.

Please support Lisa and her Wonderbag store as she supports you with a 10% discount in you use the code TAWK10.

Websites from a Van

Now this is one of those businesses that I truly always thought there was a need for in the travelling community.  So I am super excited to get Websites from a Van on board our TAWKer Supporter Program offering TAWK Members a 10% discount on their services.

So many families want to blog about their travels and can and are making some money from their sites.  BUT often the thought of learning how to set up your blog and website can take a lot of time and effort and frankly it's time away from exploring and enjoying travelling Australia with your kids.

This is where Websites from a Van come in, they can do this for you!  They will set it all up and teach you how to take over and run it.  SIMPLE and so obvious and time saving. It will be money very well spent enabling you to get on with the trip rather than having to learn all the ins and outs of setting up a website and not spending the valuable time with your family.

They also offer more services, for example if you have your own business and need a website - or a better, more modern one, then they can guide you, upgrade your old one, organise your new one and generally do what you may have been putting off for years.  Your website is the face of your business, so put on your best face!

Shane and Emily run their business from their van (hence the name) whilst they are TAWKing, so head on over to their website - see some examples and then contact them and let them know you are a TAWKer and you will get the TAWK discount. Please support them supporting you.

Telephone:  0412 014 655   Email: support@fromavan.com


When the kids are on the road, having their own personal items can really help them.  Ashleigh has her own Yayme business and offers items for kids that can all be personalised.  From bags, chairs, hats, towels and even car organisers, all personalised for them.

To really appreciate all the items that you might like head over to her website.  I especially like the 'Recreation' items.

Ashleigh says there are lots of specials on often and I encourage you to head on over to her Facebook page and message her for the special on at present and let her know what you are after.  Her other contact details are:

Tel : 0406740983  Email : yayme.ashleighherbert@gmail.com

Zip Sheets - Australia

Made specifically for caravan bunk beds!  You are going to LOVE these!  

Oh I soooo wish that I'd have known about them when we were on the road.  Finding sheets to fit the kid's bunk beds was a nightmare. These sheets are made specifically for caravan bunk beds AND..... An extra bonus - they are Zip Sheets! The top sheet is attached all the way around to the fitted sheets, so they stay on the kids!  

Australian designed and owned the zip sheets idea originated from a camping trip back in 2011. It's a sleeping innovation to prevent children from kicking off or tangling in their sheets. Basically; a flat sheet attached to the fitted sheet with zips either side to allow for easy entrance.

PLUS, if you are like me and hate making the bunk beds in your van? These sheets will change that......Simply slip the fitted sheet over the mattress and you’re done! (Oh! AND they make some for normal beds too!)

Check out the video - below for more info and then order up!  As a TAWKer you will get a 10% discount !  Use the code TAWK10  (minimum 2 sets for code to apply).

Please support this Aussie business supporting you!

Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Fast Cover Travel Insurance approached us to see how they could become involved in the TAWKer Supporter Program and we told them it was easy - give TAWKers a discount on their travel insurance. They said YES! You have to love that.  You know you need travel insurance if you are going abroad, so the question is; do you need Domestic Travel Insurance?  The short answer is, you probably do! Whether you're planning to travel the whole country in one long trip or several short trips you should make sure you have domestic travel insurance to provide protection for you and your.

Fast Cover Travel Insurance policies can provide cover for you and your family for travel in Australia for just one day or up to a whole year.

Find out more....

Caravan and Camping HIRE

How much do we love this?!  Two perfectly aligned ideas:

You Hire - You can hire a privately owned caravan, camper or motor home - I think this is a really good idea, especially if you are not sure about what to go TAWKing with!  Like a 'try before you buy'.  That's what we did before we decided on what to travel in - we hired a pop top camper and took it away for a week to see if it was something that would suit our family and our travel plans. 

The other side of their business which I also love...

You Hire our Your RV!If you are not travelling at the moment or if you have finished your trip, make some $$$ by hiring out your RV instead of it being parked up.  It could pay for your next adventure!

There are so many to choose from already if you are looking to hire one AND they are always looking for more RV's to hire out.  Find out more here.

Caravanning with Kids

Caravanning with kids have got so many wonderful products in their shop, that really support TAWK!

This Family run business was born after Wayne and Adele took some time out with their children for a family trip that changed their lives.  And we are glad they did!

Their website not only gives some simple ideas and tips for your travels but also has a shop with so many great products including their 'must have' Travel Journals & Log Books. Find out more here.

NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators

Safety first is something that we all need to do and lets face it when we are travelling our great land we have to make decisions that ensure the families safety!  This great Australian family owned business based in South Australia have a great little product that could save you time, money and even a life! 

NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators aim to provide the everyday driver with a simple, affordable and effective pre-emptive safety device.  They come in many colours and are designed to be a visual alert to indicate loose or missing wheel nuts!

They offer TAWK'ers a discount and you can find out more here....

Kids on the Road - Northern Territory Activity Book

This great book by the team at Kids on the Road is an activity book and journal for kids travelling through the Northern Territory. With strong links to Australian syllabus, it can certainly assist with their learning about the Northern Territory.  It is really ideal for children that are taking time out of school to travel this great land. 

As the children visit each destination from Uluru to Darwin they can complete the activities in the book. Not only does this make it more interesting for them, it reinforces their learning.

Click here for more information...

Expedition Australia - The Big Lap

Steve and family are just like you and wanted to Travel Australia to do The Big Lap.  For years they dreamed of leaving the rat race behind and getting on the road.  Finally they did it and they filmed it too!  If you want the heads up to what it might be like, then this will give you a really good idea.

There are plenty of travel shows on TV but none like The Big Lap.

They filmed the 10 episode series over 2 years including the planning and preparation for the trip and I think this is one of the best parts as it gives you thoughts on what you might need to do. They show the challenges of getting prepared and their journey. Steve includes all the highs but also the lows, giving a true indication of what life is like on the road.

You also hear it from the guys perspective (from Steve) and the girls (from Jen), so a very balanced view.  Find out more here...

From the Heart Sustainability Education Books

As an early childhood educator, Sharron from 'From the Heart Photography'  has worked in the field of early childhood education for over 22 years.  She has recently developed a passion for children's photo story books about sustainability and looking after our earth!  Being the photographer that she is, she knew that she was onto something.

She is also a TAWKer and has travelled to every state and capital city in Australia with her family.   She teachers her children how beautiful our country is and how easy it is to forget just how fragile it is.  So she thought of a range of books that would help their understanding.

To find out more and the TAWKer discount please click here...

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