Back seat car organiser for kids

by Jade
(Adelaide )

What are people's hacks or what back seat organiser have people found most useful for the rear seats?

Trying to organise the kids' entertainment gear, food etc without it all ending up falling on the floor and streaming out like a waterfall when the door is opened.
Keeping in mind safety, we're not keen on the tables strapped across the child car seat but open to all other suggestions.

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Feb 21, 2020
Car backseat organisers
by: Amandah

DMoose Car Back Seat Organiser

We love the dmoose car backseat organisers, has clips to hang hats, wetsuit fabric drink holders to keep drinks cool & lots of pouches & pockets.

We teamed it up with a TFY headrest Ipad mount which takes an iPad with protective case on!

TFI Headrest iPad Mount

Feb 21, 2020
Back Seat Organiser
by: John Cullen

We have had the MSA Back Seat Organiser for years and it is excellent. Very durable and robust and all the stitching has held up despite the abuse it has received:

Feb 21, 2020
Back seat organiser
by: Cassie

I love the ones from Navigator, fit heaps and amazing quality!

( They are the ones we also recommend! Listed as Good Quality Seat Organiser - Mandy TAWK )

Feb 20, 2020
Here are some ideas
by: Mandy

Hi Jade

Great question and here are a couple for you to consider, this one is from Caravanning with Kids, so they know what works and I think these are the ones that Trip in a Van use for their children.

Good Quality Seat Organiser

Then here is another that we know works and a bit cheaper

Cheaper Back Seat Organiser

And here is a link to some on Ebay too if you are familiar with that platform.

Ebay Back Seat Organisers

They have some real cheap ones here - but not sure what any of these are like.

Hope this helps


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