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Do the membership cards expire?

Porta Potti Questions! 
Hello all! I have bought a porta potti for our two week road adventure (and beyond?!) up to Alice, and have some questions for the experienced family …

Getting partner on board to travel? 
I have such itchy feet, I would really love to travel Australia. We have 3 kids and I think it's the perfect time to go as the eldest would be in year …

Meeting with principal to discuss exemption from school for 12m 
We're planning on doing the big lap starting March 2019 with our two girls. Our eldest will be in year 1 next year (in QLD state school system) and after …

Registering for homeschooling in Nsw when planning to travel  
Hi there, we are a family of 4 (kids currently 9yo and 6yo) who are planning an extended sailing trip next year, starting in Australia then continuing …

Do we need a satellite phone and what do you recommend if so? 
I'm a bit worried when we go remote and something unexpected happens that we might not be able to get normal signal on our phones and wonder if people …

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