Becoming a TAWKer Supporter.....

You support them and they will support you  -  Win Win!

If you find a Caravan Park/Camping Spot/business that you think should join the program - please download and either print off this Pamphlet and give or send it to them.  help us to help you :)

What do we need to do to become a TAWKer Supporter?

First up you need to work out what section you'd like to be a part of: 

Goods and Services, Attractions or Caravan Park/Accommodation and then you need to apply!  (Form at the bottom of the page) If approved we'd need details of you business to be able to represent you on the appropriate TAWKer Supporter Page. 

  • Caravan Parks, Camp spots, Farmstays, Stations or Accommodation - You need to offer Children camp FREE for 2 nights.*  I really think there is an opportunity here for owners - see below in more detail.
  • Goods/Services - A discount for the product or service.  You get to direct your product to our target market and we get to give our TAWKers something we think they could use and benefit from.
  • Attractions - A discount of the direct booking with you for the TAWKers.  You make TAWKers aware of your business and we get to let TAWKers know what they might love on their travels.

If you do have a product that you think TAWKers would love but are unable to offer a discount at the moment, consider our TAWK Directory

More info for Caravan Parks/Accommodation

"At the moment many families are 'free camping' due to the extra fees Caravan Parks charge for their children, therefore Caravan Parks are actually losing business."  - Mandy Farabegoli - TAWK Founder.

By becoming a TAWKer Supporter, families might come to you and you have the opportunity to keep them there.  Best of all, they are travelling ALL year round!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your perseverance in convincing me to be a part of #TravelAustraliaWithKids TAWKer Supporter Program. As we have been blown away with the families that have come to stay with us and the amount of your members that are travelling. Wonderful to have all these families stayed with us and hear their stories of travels and adventures"  - Lee Irvin - Manager from Ivanhoe Village Holiday Resort Kununurra

"AAOK Parks is a family owned group of Caravan Parks located in QLD, NT and WA. We were very happy to jump onboard as TAWK Supporters because we could see a great value in attracting more families to our parks. Travelling families is a growing market and many of our parks don't have much else to offer a family (pool, playground etc), but we can offer a little financial incentive to stay with us by way of kids staying free. There is little cost to us in doing so, and we have noticed an increase in families staying with us and being grateful for the discount they receive.

I would highly recommend this program to any other caravan park. If no one in your area is doing it, it becomes your competitive edge. If someone else is doing it, then you'd better get on board, or get ready to lose some customers from this market. A special thank you to Mandy for setting this up, what a fantastic idea."

There are great opportunities for Caravan Parks to support TAWK. TAWKer's are the families that are out there all year round, travelling Australia and NOT just in the school holiday periods. 

Benefits to the Caravan Parks:

  • TAWK families will stay with you rather than freecamp nearby
  • TAWK families will choose a TAWK Park over other parks in the area 
  • Once TAWKers are there, they will no doubt use your washing machines! (And a few times too!!)
  • You can sell them things from your shop, groceries, newspapers, gifts.
  • You can up-sell them to stay longer in your park. The optimum stay for TAWKers is three nights, but if they get comfortable....who knows how long they'll stay.
  • You might have the opportunity to sell them a tour/service in the area.

* discounts to caravan parks may not be available in school holiday periods.

What travelling families say about the program....

"We've now stayed in three TAWK "kids stay free" parks. It makes a HUGE difference to the cost for us and over time it will also congregate TAWKers at certain parks, which increases the chances of the kids having playmates AND will increase business for the parks participating. It's SUCH a good initiative. Thanks a million TAWK for making it happen." - Melinda B

"We’re planning our trip at the moment and have purposefully chosen to book TAWK parks over others. Who can’t resist a discount?!" -Erin M

"Its good for caravan parks as people spread the word and they get more customers. For instance I found out about The BIG4 Park in Warrnambool because of the TAWK Facebook page. It rocks and a massive savings for us and yay being a TAWKER rocks!! So I'm here spreading the word as others have that its a great park and this is great for their business. Word of mouth is powerful" - Le J

So what do we get?

We Promote the TAWK Support Program as often as possible and whenever there is an opportunity, not only on our busy Facebook Page but on others we are members of when we see an opportunity arrive. So you get great coverage across various platforms.

Camping - TAWKer Supporter

  • A feature advert listing on your park on the relevant state page on our website
  • Your park appears on our Google map highlighting TAWK Parks which we promote regularly across our platforms.
  • Include you on our downloadable listing that TAWKers print off or access on their mobile device.
  • A free annual Social Media Shout Out Announcement about your park joining or being on board our program across our Social Platforms: Facebook and Instagram (over 35000+ followers on FB – as at Jan 2020) 
  • The TAWK Supporter Program is promoted regularly across our platforms
  • TAWK is also listed as a filter on WikiCamps – exposing your park to hundreds of thousands additional families!


Some places have asked for exclusivity in their immediate area – within 50 km radius.  Please request if you would like to be the only TAWK park in your area (if there is not one already).


Many parks wish to tap into our large Social Media Audience with Bi-Monthly Posts on our Socials: Either Facebook Page / Group, Instagram /and Stories – it helps to keep your park in TAWKers Minds.  Please request reasonable costs to promote for you.


  • Parks can choose to list school and public holiday exemptions
  • No max on number of children 
  • No minimum night’s stay

"Hey TAWK,
Just thought I'd chime in to say thanks for your effort in signing up more parks to your programme. Whilst some of the newer ones have come on aboard after we've past through that area, we've finally been able to name-drop TAWK to Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park in Townsville. Just like that an expensive stay for us 5 become remarkably affordable at under $50/n in school holidays. That worked out at around 25% off. After touring through WA and NT, a caravan park less than $50 in normal periods, let alone in school holidays is something we didn't think possible. I'd like to thank you for all your efforts in getting this program up and running. We'll try and support it as much as we can going forward with the remainder of our trip as even one stay can make a difference." - Matt W

A TAWK Supporter is a Business that recognises the opportunities in 'Supporting TAWKing' in a financial way, helping families Travelling Australia With Kids support local communities by offering TAWKers discounts or giveaways and we think that's great!  If you are a business, please read further down the page for details on how to be involved.

Please check out each category and see where you can SAVE!

Caravan parks, Camp spots, Farmstays, Stations or Accommodation


Goods and Services 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Benefits for everyone - Win Win Scenario!

  • For a small outlay you get to target the hundreds of families out there TAWKing - so YOU WIN!
  • TAWKers get to see business who are supporting TAWKing and benefit from a discount or giveaway - so THEY WIN.
  • We get to match the two of you and keep TAWK going, so WE WIN!

You've gotta love that!  So please complete the form today and we look forward to welcoming you on board 'Supporting TAWKing!'

TAWKer Supporter Application

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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