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Fast Cover Travel Insurance approached us to see how they could become involved in the TAWKer Supporter Program and we told them it was easy - give TAWKers a discount on their travel insurance. They said YES! You have to love that.

You know you need travel insurance if you are going abroad, so the question is; do you need Domestic Travel Insurance?  The short answer is, you probably do! Whether you're planning to travel the whole country in one long trip or several short trips you should make sure you have domestic travel insurance to provide protection for you and your.

Fast Cover Travel Insurance policies can provide cover for you and your family for travel in Australia for just one day or up to a whole year.

The policies can be tailored to suit your trip and come with a wide range of benefits.

You can get cover for a range of activities you might consider trying, including skiing. You also receive cover for cancellations, which can protect deposits for any flights, tours, helicopter or boat rides you decide to go on. There’s also cover for travel delays, $5,000 worth of cover for rental vehicle insurance and cover for your luggage and valuable items in Fast Cover’s Domestic policies. With travel insurance you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have cover in place for unexpected situations.  

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"Amazing service, friendly, prompt staff that can offer solutions to problems or unexpected changes with your travel policy! Would highly recommend and will only use Fast Cover from now on! Couldn't have asked for a better, more seamless experience!" - Sarah K

Travelling the huge distances around Australia, things can go wrong - Seeing a doctor or going to hospital which would no doubt be covered by Medicare and/or your private health insurance - but there are other situations which can lead to unexpected expenses which travel insurance can provide cover for. Some examples include:

  • Being involved in a car accident with your rental vehicle
  • Having your luggage lost, stolen or damaged
  • Losing your deposits towards a ski trip when unexpected weather makes skiing/snowboarding impossible
  • Your flights being unexpectedly cancelled or delayed

In these situations, Fast Cover travel insurance can provide you with emergency assistance and your policy can provide cover for expenses you incur.

Of course it's not just domestic insurance that's offered- if you are going overseas, they've got you covered too.

Fast Cover provides Australian travellers of any age with fast and simple travel insurance! Get a quick quote online to view their competitively priced policies.  AND as they are TAWKer Supporters you will get 10% OFF!  Use the form below and it's already applied for you.  Could not be easier!

Where can I find out more?

If you would like more information please now head to the Fast Cover Travel Insurance website and find out all that they have to offer and being TAWKer Supporters you get 10% off! 

Thank You Fast Cover Travel Insurance for being a TAWKer Supporter!

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