Getting partner on board to travel?

I have such itchy feet, I would really love to travel Australia. We have 3 kids and I think it's the perfect time to go as the eldest would be in year 8 next year and not wait until upper high school.

We don't have much savings, have never been able to afford to get in the housing market, so no house to sell.. so would have to work a lot of the time to keep the kitty topped up.

But my partner is not as enthusiastic as me. Has anyone done it without selling/renting a house.. just on a whim with hardly any savings (we would use most of it to buy a camper trailer and car to pull it too).

I am saving everything I can to try and make this dream come true.. but am I dreaming or is it doable?

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Sep 06, 2018
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your replies. I plan on getting him out for a 4-6week trial.. hopefully he'll love it and want to keep going.

Sadly we wouldn't be able to do it every year, he's FIFO and a contractor /casual so no holiday pay. All holidays we take are unpaid and even more sadly he's not one of the lucky FIFO workers that earn the BIG BUCKS 😉😢😊

Anyway, definitely given me few ideas to work with, so thank you again.

Sep 05, 2018
Summer holiday?
by: Anonymous

We didn’t have the option of taking off for a year as, like you, hubby wouldn’t hear of selling the house and the kids really love their school, etc...
so I settled for a six week half lap over the summer holidays (we are both teachers).

We live in Perth so drove east to SA, VIC, up as far as Byron Bay in NSW then turned west again to head home. Hubby was still pretty negative throughout the whole planning process but once we were on the road he loved it - so much so that this summer we’re doing it again with a different route (where we can - still have to get across the Nullarbor but going as far as Noosa this time).

Might be an option for you if hubby can’t take the big leap of full time travelling?

Sep 05, 2018
Everything is achievable.
by: Mandy - TAWK

Hi There

Of course it is doable and cheaply too! Have a look on our FAQ page on our site (top left) and scroll down until you see 'Finances' as there are many answers from other families as to how they went about it.

Our caravan that we toured the country in for 2 years, cost us $6000, and whilst I know is not cheap, it is cheaper than most you will find. Some families travel in tents! So where there is a will there is a way!

You might have to consider what your working skills are, as that is another way to do the trip, working your way around. With kids that you'll have to teach, might mean only one of you can - but again, something to consider.

Maybe try a long camping holiday first and see how you all go - as I do think that you all need to be on board for it to go well. There are options to rent from other families and try something first.

This is what we did.

Good luck and hopefully you will find a way.


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