Homeschooling Hints and Tips whilst Travelling

I needed all the homeschooling hints and tips I could get to be honest as I really was quite daunted by the idea of teaching our children. But I couldn't find anything from 'real' people who were actually doing it and I really find it tough taking advice from people who have never done it.

The children were in Years 1, 3 and 5 when we set off  (We were. only supposed to be gone for one year, but turned into two) - I explained to the children at the time that we needed to work together - as I was not a 'teacher' - and that if they did not do so, then when we returned, they may find that they would have to repeat their year and be in a lower grade than all their friends.  (This alone was stimulation enough for mine!). 

We chose the option of keeping the children enrolled at their school, (see here for your options) with permission from the principal and I organised their education.  BUT with all three in three different grades, it was overwhelming at first! I needed this page back then - with homeschooling hints and tips and any help from families that were doing it.

But, it was not to be and I just had to wing it. I found that I had to have a good half an hour before we began to get myself organised (and even learn some stuff myself!) to be able to organise them.   I purchased Mathletics and Spellodrome (online Maths and online spelling program) and believe that Reading Eggs is another good one for younger kids. I then had one child doing work on the computer from one of the above programs, whilst I was assisting the other two.  I found that trying to physically teach all three at the same time was too stressful for me.

Homeschooling Hints and Tips

Here are our Homeschooling Hints and Tips, that I can pass on to you, that worked for us. 

  • We did not 'school' everyday, not in the conventional sense - but tried to incorporate learning in every day.
  • We would ensure that if there was somewhere on the trip to incorporate some learning, we would go there.  Whether it be a museum, aquarium or a mine site, it was a good way to get some learning in, without just sitting with the text books.
  • If it was a 'travelling day', then I would test the children in the car with spelling.
  • We would always do times tables in the car and also a general knowledge quiz book, which they loved! (I have since written the TAWK Quiz Book for all the Family - it means that time in the car can now be passed with FUN and education! With Questions for ALL the family - see here for more info..)
  • I would have a brochure from the previous visitors center on our next point of call and I would read out lots of information on the new place we were heading to or passing through.  Half the time, they didn't realise that they were learning as it became fun and helped to pass the time in the car on long trips.
  • I found that we had to have a couple of learning areas - when we were doing the conventional learning (eg. two children inside the caravan and one child in the annex or outside depending on setup and or the weather) so that the children were not disturbing each other.
  • If they needed help, they needed to put up their hand, to let me know and if I was busy with another child, I would acknowledge them and they needed to do a word search (I had one for each of them on hand appropriate to their age group) until I could get to them.

It wasn't easy BUT we did get into a rhythm and I ended up enjoying it.  To see one of your children, that when we set off, could not read and by the end of the trip, was reading books... It was quite the achievement and I have to say it made it all worth while.

After our two year trip, when they finally returned back to their school, I made an appointment with their respective teachers after a month, so that they would know where they were at and I could organising any catching up that needed to be done.  Just how proud was I of myself, when they all said that they were doing great, ahead actually in their maths and seemed very confident children! YAY!! 

SO now I am determined to get a page going for some real Homeschooling hints and tips from real families that are out there travelling Australia with their kids and are doing it already. If you are one of those families, please help and complete the form below.

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YOUR Experience

It will be a challenge for all of you!  BUT you can do it! AND when you do do it, please share YOUR homeschooling hints and tips whilst travelling below.  So that future TAWKers can be helped and encouraged.  Forewarned is Forearmed!

You remember how overwhelmed and scared you were?  Then please put other equally worried parent's minds to rest and share your experience today It'll only take a little while but will help others and give them encouragement so that they know they can do it too!  Thanking you in anticipation. details below......

Got some experience with Homeschooling on the road?

Please help future TAWKers with your experience with Homeschooling whilst travelling Australia.

Your handy hints, tips and ideas could really help and encourage families that might be held back on their trip because they think that Homeschooling is too hard for them.

So please help and share your experience here.

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