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HI There!

Our family is planning a trip in our caravan for a few months. We are very excited!

We are leaving Victoria, across South Australia to Esperance, then heading up the coast of WA.
We plan on going across the Gibb River Road to El Questro, The Bungle Bungles and Kununurra, then on to Darwin and back down through Litchfield, Katherine, Alice Springs, Uluru and ultimately back to Victoria.

While we are on the road, I will need to be working to maintain my current employment. I'm lucky that I'm able to do this, but it means I will require constant internet access to log in to my work servers and access emails and information.

Do you know what the internet coverage is like on the Telstra network across the places/path we will be travelling?
I've heard you can get booster aerials and modems to use - is this the best option?
I was wondering if you had any information that could help me in this regard...
I went to Telstra, but I can't help but feel the sales team just have the same old speech and don't really know!

Thanks so much!

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May 15, 2019
by: Danni

El Questro has an Optus dish and no Telstra I think, but there seemed to be more towns that had Telstra and no Optus (we only had Optus so just had to suck it up on those occasions, e.g. Fitzroy Crossing - we were staying for a night most of the time anyway as they are small towns).

Lake Argyle has nothing but they turn on their wifi for an hour or 2 at night - still not exactly fast! But so worth going there - one of our favourite places!!

May 15, 2019
No coverage
by: Anonymous

There is little to no service on the Gibb river road.

May 15, 2019
Best chance
by: Sam

You will still have black spots, but most towns/stations/ roadhouses now have coverage (but not Marree for example).

If you have both a Telstra and Optus sim, that will give you the best chance of getting reception. Telstra does have an amplifier / antenna that is certified for use on their network (Telstra go), but last time I looked it was $1000-1200. To the best of my knowledge no other network offers such a device.

You can buy devices off internet/eBay, but they are not certified for use on any network (and are therefore illegal to use (under acma rules) in Australia.

May 15, 2019
by: Anonymous

Through Fitzroy Crossing and Broome etc its all Telstra. But I use Boost - its cheaper and uses Telstra network.

May 15, 2019
Sim Card for each
by: Charlie

Carry a Telsta sim and an Optus sim and you will be covered.
As Telstra is expensive, many of the stations put in Optus along the Gibb.

May 15, 2019
Plan or Satellite?
by: Kyleigh

Coverage will really depend on which companies have their tower network in the area.

We travelled with Telstra, but weren’t relying on constant access. I know other families travel with a phone on each network to increase access. For the areas you are travelling I would plan for places where you will no access on the regular networks.

Satellite might be worth looking into.

May 15, 2019
Check coverage
by: Anonymous

Have a look at wikicamps along your planned path, it should tell you if there is coverage or not.

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