Long Range Tank & Satellite Phone?


We are heading off on our lap soon and were wondering what peoples thoughts were on fitting a long range fuel tank to our LC200 (currently a 138L tank) and whether we should invest in a satellite phone.

We are planning on going off grid for a lot of our 7 month+ trip.

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Jul 21, 2020
Rarely used
by: Wayne

We opted just for 2 20l jerry cans based on available weight and still very rarely use them. Most places have service stations at least every 400klms if not closer.

Again we didn’t worry about a Sat phone. We have 1 Telstra 1 Optus.

Jul 21, 2020
by: Mel

We have a 200 series land cruiser and put a long range tank in. We are pleased that we did as It has Often allowed us to drive To cheaper fuel. Plus do things like driving places, camping and then driving around while we are there without worrying about needing to top up.

SAT PHONE: We are a family of 6 and have been Travelling for 7 months. Depends where you are going really. It seems everywhere is pretty busy these days. We decided against it. We havent been to NT yet, but W.A reception is amazing on all major roads even in the middle of no where. A tower pops up where you least expect it.

Jul 21, 2020
by: Kylie

We have an old Prado and the dual tank system (180L) was a godsend when the head wind would hit and we had to travel as we were on a tight time frame and we’d just watch the gauge plummet.
If you can I would.

Jul 21, 2020
Jerry Cans Instead
by: Jayde

We were going to put in a long range tank but decided against it due to weight so we just carry 2 x 20l jerry cans as back up when needed. Just be mindful of your weights as David said above

Jul 21, 2020
by: David

I had a long range tank in an 80 series. It was great and if i was doing a lap and camping remote i would also get a sat phone.

Just regarding the long range tank just keep in mind how it impacts the gvm of your 200 series.

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