Manifesting Me

Manifesting me. What does that mean? Let's hope I find out!

The last couple of years, I've been more and more interested in the whole 'Power of the Universe' thingy and have been toying around with the idea in my head.  I suppose it all started many years ago when I was at home all the time with the kids and a bit of day time TV crept into my life.  Oprah - yep the Queen of day time TV and the whole "The Secret".  It was a weird concept for me to really grasp, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised it was already happening to me in many ways.  It's basically 'The Law of Attraction' and I'm now I'm really ready to embrace it and explore it.

However as mentioned, back then I was home with the kids and I could barely have a shower, let alone read a book and look fully into this 'Secret'.  But it was there at the back of my mind.. 

After our two year trip around Australia, I felt more; spiritual I suppose.  More in touch with my inner self and when it was my turn to choose a book for my book club, 'The Secret' popped up again and instead of finding a book for the club, I found myself drawn to this and I decided now might be the time to give it another go.  Having said that, I didn't choose it for the book club, or read it for that matter!  I found a video on You Tube and watched it whilst ironing - Hey I didn't say I had more time!!  I watched it while ironing!  Yep still a busy mumma.

I still did not take any real action, but it's lurking around and I know it's time.  So I thought I'd share the journey here; today.  I know it's not really about TAWKing, but maybe a Post-TAWKing thing that you might like to embrace if and when your trip is over or paused.

For Christmas, my good friend bought me a book/diary called 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary for free-flowing adventures.  I was supposed to get started in January, but... kids all around for the school holidays and as usual time for me got... postponed. However, I did manage to put together some of the bucket list that they suggest you do - (listed further down the page) and one of the items on there was to write a weekly blog post. They suggest 52 things, basically one per week.  But..... I am still adding to mine.

So here we are, this is the first week for me.

Maybe your could start too!  Let me know what you think....

MY 2017 Bucket List so Far....

  • Weekly Blog post - See this is how this page came about!
  • Draw a picture a month - I like to draw, but never get around to it
  • Go to Coral Bay for a holiday - planning to go in April
  • Watch Planes take off and land at the airport - I just love all that power
  • Go to a Formula One Race - I feel the need for Speed!
  • Go to Rottnest Island for Lunch - Yep over and back in one day
  • Start Pilates - Already done 2 classes as of 1st Feb 2017
  • Fix up my smile - Got one dodgy front tooth but I'm scared
  • Learn to make candles - I love candles and made them at school and loved it
  • See my parents - they live in the UK
  • Wine Cruise up the Swan Valley
  • Go to the Art Museum in WA and have a guide take me through
  • House boat trip - Caravan on water really
  • RV Trip - Loved my trip with the girls in a Motorhome last year
  • Have dinner in the revolving restaurant in Perth
  • Keep Tropical Fish - I've now got 2 fish and am about to upgrade to a bigger tank
  • Go for late lunch with the girls extending to evening drinks on a Friday

That's about it for now, I do add to it when I think of something new.

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