Meeting with principal to discuss exemption from school for 12m

by Cherie

We're planning on doing the big lap starting March 2019 with our two girls. Our eldest will be in year 1 next year (in QLD state school system) and after some research we've decided taking her out of school for the 12m will suit us best.

We're going to meet with the principal of her school to ask for an exemption and would love to hear from those who've been in a similar situation how best to be prepared for this chat.

We really want to get the OK from the school and have their support. As an aside, I'm also a trained primary school teacher though haven't taught in a classroom for a long time.

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Sep 29, 2018
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Cherie and Mandy,

We are in exactly the same situation. We have 2 boys in years 2 and 4 and plan to travel in March for 12 months. I'm meeting with the principal at school in the next few weeks so your advice is much appreciated.

Fingers crossed x

Sep 04, 2018
Be Prepared
by: Mandy - TAWK Admin

Hi Cherie

Thanks for your question and it's one that many do find themselves in. We also took this option and I had 3 children in years 1, 3 and 5. Although we live in WA.

I think the best way to approach the principal is to be prepared and to show him/her what you intend to do with your child and the resources you will be using. As a trained primary school teacher, I am sure you will have everything you need.

You could also touch base with Valerie from Homeschooling Supplies Australia equally what we did and show that you intend to follow along with the curriculum.

At the end of the day, personally I believe as long as you are pro-active with reading, writing and maths, you will be good. The rest of the learning will be done on the road.

Good Luck and I hope you receive some more thoughts from others.

Mandy from TAWK

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