Migrating to Australia but planning to travel first year while home schooling kids

by Louis Holtzhausen
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Good day,

We're moving to Australia (Perth) in January 2024 on a temporary visa (491) but looking to travel for the first 12 months around Australia while home schooling the kids (aged 6 and 9).

The current plan is to arrive on Perth, stay in Airbnb for first month then hit the road.

Understand from a number of websites that without a permanent address we will not be able to register and receive a Certificate of Education.

Question: What will the consequences be if we do not receive a Certificate of Education? Will this affect the kids (put them back a year) when we register them at a school after the 12 months.

Sincerely appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

Louis & Celeste

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Nov 02, 2023
by: Anonymous

Shhhhhh don't tell anyone you come!

Come, travel this gorgeous country, 'school' on the road (museums, tours, reading, talking) and then settle and enrol them in school.

Nov 02, 2023
I'm a teacher
by: Natalie B

The kids will be fine to enrol into a school when you are finished travelling. The school will place them in the appropriate year level for their age group.

Keep up the homeschooling while travelling but don't let it be your main focus, travelling is the main focus. Your kids will learn a lot while travelling. Have them read everyday, do spelling words, and some numeracy and you will be ok.

I'm a teacher and we have just been on the road the last 2 years homeschooling our high schooler and we didn't do as much homeschooling as what people think we did!!

Nov 02, 2023
The Gap
by: Done H

When we moved to Australia, I kept the kids at home for the first 7 months. As English is not our first language, I taught my son to read and write in English.

When I enrolled him, the school did not asked about the 7 months ‘gap’ in his school record. He was 8 at the time.

Nov 02, 2023
Are you staying here?
by: Amanda B

Are you staying here?

If so it won’t make any difference, they will just enroll by age when you’re finished. No punishment.
If you’re heading back to your home country, you need to ask there.

We don’t have certificates of education at all. Nothing that is actually official anyway. Kids go to school by age and go up grades by age- not ability.

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