Size of portable fridge freezer

We have a new camper trailer (complete off grid capabilities) and looking to do a lap.

Wondering what size fridge/freezer and Brand do people recommended? We have 2 adults 2 kids 2-5yo.

Also any tips on packing the fridge/freezer to maximise space.

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Aug 30, 2019
by: Anonymous

We had a camprite and 5 of us, Evacool fridge freezer.

You learn to buy accordingly, we used powdered milk on big off-road sections with no supermarkets, we baked our own bread - stored fruit and veg in broccoli boxes at times packed the freezer with cryovaced meat, zooper dipper ice blocks were great, and things like cheese etc went in fridge.

Aug 30, 2019
by: Emma

We are a family of 5 with a 50l waeco.

Cryovac/zip lock bag your meat and we use powdered milk which is a massive space saver (the only way we can have a 50 litre over something bigger.

Also sauces like tomato sauce, mayo, asian sauces can all live out of the fridge which is another huge space saver which we didn't know before this trip 🤣

Aug 30, 2019
Pre cooked frozen foods
by: Sally

75l Waeco fridge/freezer dual zone in camper. But also have a 50l fridge in car.

Pre-cooked and vacuum sealed meals in the freezer worked great. Slab of water bottles in the car to put in the freezer as it empties as a full freezer works more efficiently.

We have a vacuum bag set up that you can reuse (battery operated vacuum sucks air out of the back via a vent), so storing things in these took up less space than containers (cheeses, sliced meats, etc).

Aug 30, 2019
by: M A

If you have a space in your camper you have to make sure whatever you buy fits in. We usually have a Engel fridge/freezer in our car. Love it!

We have a camper trailer and borrowed our friends fridge for the camper. Even though it was smaller, it was too tall for the space. Our Engel won't fit. So we had to borrow our other friends for our big trip as it fit the space. Our Engel usually works a treat for family of 3 for the week but bugger trips we borrow another to be just a freezer.

We cut up our meat in meal portions and vacuum seal them all up. We also try to pack in order of what we need.

Aug 30, 2019
by: Kyleigh

I second any fridge/freezer where each compartment has its own lid.

You can control the temperature better. We have a Waeco and have been pretty happy with it. We also have an Engel in the car.

Tips for saving space: buy meat from butcher cryovaced and if we are organised enough we even get it frozen by the butcher.

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