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NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators

NutWare - Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators

Safety first is something that we all need to do and lets face it when we are travelling our great land we have to make decisions that ensure the families safety!  This great Australian family owned business based in South Australia have a great little product that could save you time, money and even a life! 

"Doing their job to keep your nuts safe, 24 hours and day, 7 days a week"

"Wheel loss happens. It has happened to us, more than once!  It's a scary experience to watch the wheel of a camper trailer bounce alongside of you, with the kids in the car. It's stressful to search for the wheel AND those missing wheel nuts in the bush on the side of the road, as the sun sets.  We know because this was US! The cost, the time, the stress and the risk - it is avoidable with NutWare."  Amy T

NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators aim to provide the everyday driver with a simple,

affordable and effective pre-emptive safety device.  They come in many colours and are designed to be a visual alert to indicate loose or missing wheel nuts!

How do they work?

An indicator is applied to each wheel nut, in your chosen uniform pattern. If a wheel nut has loosened off, the indicator's pointer will no longer be in this applied pattern, alerting you to the issue immediately and allowing you to take action to re-torque before wheel nut loss occurs.

If a wheel nut IS missing, you will see this immediately due to the indicator's bright colour. This also makes it easier to locate a missing wheel nut on the side of the road!  If the indicator has discoloured, you are alerted to the  first signs of excessive heat associated with overheating bearings. Discolouration occurs at 123 degrees, allowing you to take immediate action to find the cause of the heat before wheel seizure or wheel loss occurs.

NutWare are designed to be easy to fit and easy to assess, making this important, but often overlooked, safety check child's play.

Fitting wheel nut indicators is a preventative safety measure and perfect for your four-wheel drive, caravan or trailer. They are mandatory on mine sites, in government agencies and in industries heavily reliant on fleet vehicles. Now, NutWare aims to provide this same level of safety and assistance to the everyday driver with the simple extended wheel nut indicator.

They are also available in different colours (not just traditional safety yellow) to suit your vehicle / van details or custom modifications.

Nutware also approached us to become TAWKer Supporters

and we think they have a great idea and a great fit for families travelling Australia especially as safety is paramount being on the road so much.

Where can I find out more?

Each vehicle needs a specific fitting, so it is time to head to the Nutware Website and find out more about this great product. TAWKers of course get a discount so make sure when you order you pop in the discount code 17TAWKERS and you will receive $10 OFF!

"With the TAWKer's discount they are only $34 for a set of 15 and $56 for a set of 25, (inc GST, exc postage)""

You can also follow them on Facebook, so head there too and give them a 'Like'!

Let's help this great Aussie Business that is supporting you!!

Thank You NutWare for being a TAWKer Supporter!

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