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Here we highlight some Australia Travel Blogs that you might like and will undoubtedly get some inspiration from.  Some may have finished their travels, some still out there, some taking trips whenever they can and others, just getting going.

Hopefully you will find common ground in each and every one of them.

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Travel Blogs are one of the perfect ways to diarise your travels.  They will help you and your family remember your trip and for your extended family and all your friends to follow your trip.

And you know what is even better?  If you are able to turn your blog into a little business that you can run whilst on the road and get a bit of income along the way - Find out how we did it here!

Australia Travel Blogs

First up of course OURS!

Australia travel blogs

Even though our actual two year trip travelling the country is all over now, I am still writing it!  I do have our Australia Travel Blog sitting in Travel Pod but am gradually transferring it here. (TAWK was born upon our return).  I am of course busy building this web site and administering all the TAWK

My Personal Blog

Now, I'm only just getting going with this one,it's not really an Australia Travel Blog but really I'm blogging about my blogging about Travelling Australia With Kids!! And how I made it into a home business.

It will be about how I miss travelling and how this website keeps my foot in the door, so to speak!

Oh the Places we've Been

The blog's title is a twist on my favourite Dr Suess book, "Oh The Places You'll Go". Unsuprisingly that blog address was unavailable, so this was a nice little tweak. For those who don't know the book (and your life isn't complete until you do) it is a book I love reading to the kids for the messages it contains. It's go messages of empowerment, inspiration, confidence and adventures. It's about taking chances and following your heart. But also about the tough times, slumps and lurches. It perfectly aligns with the messages we want to pass on to our kids and supports what we are trying to achieve with our upcoming adventure.  Follow our journey with us.

Delightful Aussie Adventures

What does this guide to traveling around Australia offer? In my mind the only bad trip ‘around Australia’ is one you never go on. My family took the plunge, hooked up the camper trailer and headed out the front the gate to see what secrets our beautiful country has to offer. I don’t claim to know it all or suggest that we have nailed the perfect trip, I just hope to pass on some of the lessons we learnt along the way and share some of the stuff that would have been handy to know before we left.

Camping around Oz

We are off on The trip of a lifetime, Our big lap camping around Australia.

After thinking about travelling around Australia for about a year or so we as a family have decided to sell up everything and set off for an adventure of a lifetime and do the Big Lap!

We are hoping to leave in September 2016 and look forward to sharing our travels with you.

Fearless Homeschool

After becoming a TAWK Featured Family, I found out that Kelly has this great resource for families that are either on the road and homeschooling or who would like to homeschool in the future.  Lots of ideas and inspiration that will make you realise that; Yes, you can do this.

All Around Oz

Melissa, her husband Brenden and their children are passionate about sharing their love of travel and Australia. They have been travelling together for almost 20 years.

Starting life as ‘Camper Trailer Travels’ in 2011 and evolving into All Around Oz in 2014, this website is our way of inspiring everyone to see more of Australia and experience all the magic it has to offer.

Travelling Naturopath

My name is Mindy and my husband is Matt. We have 4 kids under 9 (Cayden (9), Owen (8), Stacey (5) and Zac (2)) and a beautiful rottweiler, Roxy.

We are embarking on an indefinite trip around this beautiful country, in our tiny house on wheels custom built by Matt, towing a caravan. Our aim is to live simply, sharing our story and spreading the word about healthy living on the road.

Our Faith Led Journey

Our Faith Led Journey is all about a family that are travelling Australia and is faith led.  They are connecting on a deeper level to each other and ministering to people along the way.  They believe life is what you make it and with God, it is better.

The Blonde Nomads

I first found these guys on Facebook and just loved their amazing photos.

I then found their Blog and love that too.  The enthuse about travelling with their children and you can feel it through their writing.

You will find much that you can relate to on their blog and if you are just setting out they have lots of great info for you.


Want Aussie travel inspiration?

Red Nomad OZ is constantly updating and blogging about our amazing country.  She also has a great book Aussie Loos with Views! the tell-all book and unique Australian travel guide with over 60 of the most pleasurable places to do ‘business’ in OZ!

RedzAustralia is full of Australia's amazing natural attractions, out-of-the-way hidden secrets, top Aussie towns, wildlife, activities and experiences.

Find out what's HOT and add it to YOUR travel wish list!

Babies in a bus

Wondering how to TAWK with a baby on board? Check out Babies in a Bus.

We’re a little travelling family, exploring Australia. After the 2 years of renovating our 1982′ Hino Bus, we have begun our journey around Australia (as well as a few overseas destinations) Aaron is an IT enthusiast & stay at home father, I’m a travel photographer & lover of the sciences and Lilly-Mary is our smallest member, and joy of our lives. Here is a visual diary of our adventures, capturing the world and all it’s beauty.

A Moment in our World

This great Blog is mainly focused on Homeschooling and boy are there some ideas and information on it.  I strongly encourage you to check it out and bookmark it to one of your favourites as you'll come back to it again and again.  They are currently travelling Australia and embracing the simple things in life.

Caravanning with Kids

Caravanning with Kids  changed Wayne and Adele’s lives.  Both busy business people in country Victoria, their lives seemed to get busier and busier and weekends were chewed up with jobs, work and chores.  This was not much fun for their two young daughters and after one holiday to Adelaide they soon realised that they needed to do something about this. 

This website tracks the adventure of a family of 5 who decided to sell up everything in Melbourne and live the dream of travelling around Australia. They have over 25 years of camping experience and their website offers tips on camping, caravanning and 4 wheel driving.   There are quite a few real life product reviews thrown into the mix as well and I think we all love that!!

Couple of books that could help you on your trip......

Travel at the Speed of Life

We are a family of four who sold our house and everything in it to travel full time. We're just about to set out on our adventure and plan to travel Australia indefinitely. Follow our blog to read about the adventures, dangers, excitement and sights we encounter along the way. We'll also have some tips and reviews on how to make your own dream into reality, and will share our forays into home education as we learn through life alongside our kids.

A Parenting Life

Rhianna, Mr Awesome, their three children, Lovely (13), Zany (8) and Teapot (4), are having their adventure of a lifetime as they take twelve months off normal life and road trip around Australia.

As well as documenting their travels Rhianna blogs about all things and I find myself clicking on all sorts of subjects on her blog and usually end up thinking 'That is so right!' as she captures many things that we can all relate to. 

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Miles From Brooklyn

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a career-minded couple from Brooklyn, NY, and set them and their twin four year-old sons loose in Outback Australia? This family did just that and what an entertaining read it is!  A great perspective from some non Aussies as they enjoy TAWKing.

You simply must read the entry entitled 'The night that must not be spoken of' under the Camping Life section. 

The Blonde Nomad

Kellie aka The Blond Nomad travelled  Australia and blogged her way round.  They were winners of the 2014 Dometic Follow The Sun Competition and were renowned for meeting fellow travellers at Happy Hour, Kellie's Blonde Nomad Blog is a great blog and with the recent birth of her second child, we are looking forward to the next part of their adventure.

Trailer Park Trash

I particularly like the Trailer Park Trash Blog for all the homeschooling information. If homeschooling is your concern, then you need to have a look at their homeschooling section. There are lots of photos, ideas and Leigh is very helpful should you have any questions on how she does things. This is a great Australian travel blog.

Even the two boys have their own blog!

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Expedition Australia

Steve created his site back in 2005 in preparation for his family’s 4wd adventure to the extremes of Australia. Over 16 months, Steve, his wife Jen and his daughters Savanna (4) and Sara (1) travelled over 46,000 km through every state and territory in Australia having what can only be described as the adventure of a lifetime.

Are we there yet times 3

Straight from the heart this one! 

Whenever I read the 'Are we there yet times 3' blog, I feel as though it could be me writing it.  Somehow Shantelle hits the nail on the head and I know exactly what she is saying.

It's a great read.

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