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Euka Future Learning approached us to become TAWK Supporters as they saw that educating your children on the road was one of your major concerns and they may have the answer that you are looking for.  And because they are TAWK Supporters, you of course get a TAWK Discount off of single term purchases, so you can give it a go to see if it suits your child's learning.  Use the code: TAWK.

What I really like about Euka is that they understand that some of the best advancements in our history have been from people that have been taught to think outside the box.  I think that by giving your children the gift of travelling and exploring our gorgeous country, helps them to do just that!

Why choose Euka?

One great reason, among the many that you will find out about, is that with your purchase of the program you get the full education program covering all aspects of the curriculum to work on at your own pace. You can pick and choose which lessons you cover and adapt it to the time you have or places you visit. #winning!

Review on their Facebook Page

"I am finding the variety of different teaching styles and activities particularly engaging for my son. For the first time in ages he is enthusiastic about learning again and can't wait to see what he is doing for school each day. Euka is a wonderful education and my child is learning so much! We are constantly expanding on the things he is learning as it inspires him and he always wants to know more."  Christie W

Full Support

You are not alone!  That's worth the program in itself.  Full Support from the Euka team. There will be days when you breeze through the program and there will be days when you don't.  On these days, you can step away for a moment and book a call or email the staff.  Their experience and support will give you the tools to move forward.

They are a small company made up of people who have years or experience in equipping students to thrive in their learning. They KNOW what it's like and the challenges you will face! Euka teachers write the program and really understand the vital role of parents and the challenges and benefits of homeschooling. 

One of the great joys about the Euka program when travelling, is that you do not have to send work back. All assessments come with Parent Assessment Checklists that you can fill in as you go. You have access to the entire Term and can print off just what you need. The Euka lesson instruction is provided on a portal enabling you to pack light. The complete flexibility allows you plenty of time to simply enjoy your travels without long demanding hours of school work

The program that covers the entire Australian Curriculum and based on hands on, relevant, exciting activities, rather than dull worksheets that hardly ever inspire kids.

More info

You obviously will need to look into this further, so I suggest you now head on over to the Euka Website to investigate further and find out how you can be helped on your trip TAWKing and educating your kids and ensuring that you all benefit from the experience of travelling but also schooling..

Good luck with it all and hopefully this will take a bit of pressure off of you AND your kids as you start your TAWKing and homeschooling journey together.  You never know, they might love it so much you'll stay with it!

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