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@travelnomad_therobertsons July 2024

1.  Who are you?

G’day from our little corner of the internet! We’re the Robertson family from Benalla in Regional VIC. We sold up and hit the road in February 2024.

Sam (Mum), at 40 years young, is the resident travel planner. Constantly discovering new places and, let’s be real, draining the bank account!! If there’s a hidden gem out there, Sam will find it—and book it!

Robo (Dad), age 38, is the families go-to guy for anything practical. Need a driver? Call Robo! Got something that needs fixing? Robo’s your man. Electrical problem? Yep, that’s Robo too. He’s our Mr. Fix-It, making sure everything runs smoothly on the road! Without him, we’d probably be lost somewhere with a flat tire and no phone signal!!

Evan – our 4-year-old tornado! This little dynamo’s curiosity is off the charts. Evan’s always reminding us to see life through his eyes.

From learning new words to figuring out how things work, Evan can give you a rundown on the hydro dams in Tasmania and the mines in Tom Price.

And let’s not forget “Penny the Beagle”. At 10 years old, Penny is the wise, furry soul of our family. Always ready to sniff out a new

adventure (or treat!)


2.   Why did you make your decision to TAWK?

There’s nothing like experiencing Australia’s stunning landscapes!

Watching Evan’s eyes light up when he sees something for the first time! Traveling across Australia gives Evan a chance to learn about history, geography, and nature in a hands-on way!

It is all about quality time as a family! Life can get pretty hectic at home, and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind!

3.   How did you get organised and how did you prepare?

Planning our big family adventure had its fair share of twists and turns! We initially didn't plan on selling our house, but as our dream of exploring Australia became more real, we realised selling would give us the freedom and a better return in a term deposit compared to renting the house out! So, we took the plunge and sold our home. Then, in a last-minute twist, we switched to a new van the day before leaving for Tasmania! We found that our “plan” constantly changed and evolved.

4.  What has been your biggest joy?

Exploring new places, and creating unforgettable memories as we travel across Australia, even through the tough times!

5. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge is striking a balance between working remotely and staying focused on the reasons we embarked on this journey. It's all too easy to slip back into old habits! …Still working on this!

Robertson Beach Shot

6.   Where have you enjoyed the most and Where disappointed you the most?

That's a tough question because we've visited so many amazing places! Each destination has its pros and cons, influenced by variables like weather and our 4-year-old's ever-changing moods —keeping us on our toes and adding to the adventure!

Robertson rocks

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7.   How did you get organised with schooling, what did/do you do and how did you come to that decision?

With Evan only being 4 years old we haven’t got to this point yet. We did catch up with his kinder teacher who gave us some tips on what to focus on whilst we are on the road. I found some great write and wipe books in the local post office that teach letters, numbers and shapes.

8.   What surprised you most about the trip?

What surprised us the most was how well Evan adapted to the change of life on the road

9.   What would be three pieces of advice to give to future TAWKers?

Our 3 pieces of advice are:

    1. Be prepared for unexpected changes!

    2. Find a balance between exploring and relaxation.

    3. Do your research and make sure you have the right set up that suits your family!

10.   How do you think that this adventure has changed your family?

Summoning our inner reserves of patience—because traveling with a 4 year old is a true test of it! 🧘🏻‍♀️🤣

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