Cheaper Camping - How much do you really want it?

In just abut every camping page/group that we follow on Facebook, the post comes up about paying extra for your children is driving you crazy. How much you would support places that did not charge so much for them.  The post gets lots of engagement, you all comment and give examples. I normally comment and mention our pamphlet that I can PM to you to give to caravan parks.....and maybe one or two people ask for it.  SO I ask you... How much do you really want it to change are are you prepared to do something about it?

Unless we ALL DO SOMETHING nothing will change - so please get involved.

We've been trying for some time now

Here at TAWK we have been trying for over a year now to get Caravan Parks, Camping Spots and Accommodation around the country to give you at least two nights FREE accommodation for the kids. We do have some BUT not nearly enough. My dream is to be able to park hop!

As we are travelling so it would be good to travel from one to the other.

How you can help

We can only do so much here, we need you to do your bit too. 

  • We need you to approach the caravan parks/camping spots you go to and tell them about the TAWK Support Program!  We have a web page will all the information and if you click here, we have a pamphlet that you can download/print off and give to/show every place you stay at.
  • You need to support the caravan parks/camping spots and stay with them - this way you support them too.  It really is a win win. 


We ask again: How much do you really want it?

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