Registering for homeschooling in Nsw when planning to travel

by Vanessa
(Newcastle NSW)

Hi there, we are a family of 4 (kids currently 9yo and 6yo) who are planning an extended sailing trip next year, starting in Australia then continuing throughout Asia and hopefully beyond.
Looking into the NSW registration process, it seems Nsw requires you to have a home address in order to register and renew your registration.
I am not that keen on distance education and being burdened with having to receive and complete the packs they provide, especially since our movements will be largely weather dependent and therefore unpredictable.
Are there other families homeschooling while travelling who can over some tips for how to go about the registration process for travellers?

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Sep 03, 2018
Homeschooling NSW
by: Carla

Hi Vanessa,

We are from Newcastle also and head off on our lap this December. We have been through all the options also and have decided to go through Valerie at Home Schooling Australia.

We will be informing the girls school that we will not be re enrolling next year and leave it at that.

I'm already aware that our principal does not grant extended leave so I'm not going to even ask.

Hope you have a wonderful adventure!

All the best, Carla

Sep 03, 2018
Dist ed?
by: Karen

Hi, I know you said you’re not that keen on Dist Ed, but have you tried NEPSODE? (Port Macquarie) they’re incredibly flexible with how the resources are delivered - paper based online,USB stick! Etc!

They’re really good at knowing that the trip is about your family not getting bogged down in schoolwork and they’ve got some amazing teachers that teach kids around Australia and Australian kids around the world!

Pros- cheap, someone else is accountable when kids jack up!,
Totally flexible, personalised program for each child! Everyday adventures count for schoolwork!
Cons- worrying about redirecting paper based stuff if you’re not organised in time!
Remembering what day is school day for phone/online lessons! (Not sure if you have to be starting travels from a local area?)

Seriously though, even if you forget/fall behind/lose stuff etc they’re very understanding and accommodating.

If homeschooling is looking tough I’d highly recommend just giving them a call for a chat! A bunch of other travelling families we’ve come across recommend them too!!

All the best with you’re adventures-they sound amazing!

Sep 03, 2018

by: Mandy

Hi Vanessa, thank you for your question.

The education department from any state do not make it easy for you. I am not from NSW so cannot answer you specifically, but maybe others can.

However, there are other options for you, and one that I did with my 3 children who were aged, 6, 7 and 9 when we set off, is to go though Homeschooling Supplies Australia If you ask for Valerie and tell her TAWK sent you, she is an expert in this and can really direct you.

Or another option you might like to look into, where TAWKers get a discount is Complete Education Australia I hope that this gives you some things to consider and hopefully you will get some more thoughts from other TAWKers in the coming days.

Good luck Mandy from TAWK

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