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Explode Creative Caricatures

When I was approached by Tane from Explode Creative to become a TAWKer Supporter I couldn't believe it, as I was thinking only a few days previously what a good idea something like this would be for TAWKers!

A Caricature of your family and the your mobile home.  It's a once in a lifetime event and what a great way to capture the occasion.  I couldn't wait to get ours!  I was a bit worried as having a rather large nose myself, was a tad concerned as to how this would look. 

Tane reassured me and said "I give my caricatures a bit of a flattering touch. I like to bring the family together in a cute, fun and stylised way that everyone can enjoy. No offensive or crazy caricatures here - the quirky cartoon style takes the edge off."  I was IN! 

Here it is........

I love it!  If I had a "Pool Room", it would be going straight to it!  I think the inclusion of whatever you are travelling in is a great idea - ours is sooo like this! - and would make a great front cover to any photo book of your trip, postcard to send to your family or just a great memory of your time on the road.

If I'd have had our before now, it would be in the van with us on the wall!

There's also all this info....

  • 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days (in the unlikely event that someone doesn’t like it!)
  • Available framed or digital
  • Free express post anywhere in Australia! *No overseas postage
  • Super fast turnaround – completed and sent in 1 – 5 business day
  • Special requests welcome
  • Pay securely via Mastercard, Visa and Paypal
  • All caricatures by local Gold Coast Australia artist Tane Richardson

Even include your dog!

Yes!  You can even include the family pet!  In this case it was Coco!  Just such a great idea!  Tane's work is a bit different to other Caricaturists in that he draws them with a flattering touch.

Great Gift Idea

What a great idea for a gift too!  It does all get a bit too hard trying to find gifts for people when you are on the road - I find it hard now, even when I am not travelling - BUT how great would this be, to grab a photo of your family member or friend and get one of these for them!

Review from Tane's Facebook Page

"You won’t find better anywhere. This guy is The Bomb when it comes to caricatures. An awesome gift for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… – T. Hollis, North Coast"

More Info?

Obviously do not have all the information here, so it's time to head to the Explode Creative Website  TAWKers get a 20% discount - YAY!  You have to use the code TAWK. I recon that this is just a fabulous idea and when you get yours, please please PLEASE show it to us all, post on our Facebook page.

Thanks Explode Creative for being TAWKer Supporters!

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