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How about this for a great little idea! Melbourne mother of three was constantly using a awesome little bag that converted into a blanket, playmat and pillow, that her own mother had made for her.

We think TAWKers might love it too as it has many uses, and we all love that!

Being an graphic designer herself, who loved sewing, she set about making her own version of the bag for friends and family. They used theirs and then their friends saw them too, also wanted one and a cottage business was born!

"When travelling with my kids I always pack for them an iPad for the long car trip, activity book with pencils, snacks, change of clothes and of course one of my fold-able bags! All of the above items can be stored in the front pocket of the bag." says Allison.

A great fit for TAWKers as the travel bags are a great accessory for babies and kids on the move. They can be used as a travel blankets, pillows, carry bags, cot quilts or a soft play mats making them ideal for road trips. Kids love carrying their own special bag with their own special things with them on their travels.

Different uses

One thing that TAWKers need, is an item that has many uses.  Remember the fruit bowl that is a mixing bowl that is a salad bowl?  Well MyTravelTot is a similar idea and very unique as it combines many functions into one:

  • It's a pillow - again, great for travel when they need something soft to rest their heads.
  • It's a blanket - cover them up to keep them warm and also great for some shade in the car, when the sun is bearing down all day.
  • It's a carry bag - kids do love to have all their own things with them and this is something that they can take responsibility for and keep their special things in.
  • It's a play mat - perfect for that quick stop when you just need to sit down or the little one needs to roll around for a while!

This functionality, together with colourful and bright pattern combos, make the quilts a 'one of a kind' and they are really loved by kids. They fit neatly in the front car seat pouch so gives easy access and convenience. At under 500grams, it's compact and lightweight to bring along on any trip.

Custom design and design details?

YES! If you would like a specific colour, fabric, padding material or size, they will customise it for you. When unfolded, the dimensions are 112cm W x 90cm L which can also fit a standard cot. When folded it is 56cm W x 36cm L cm which fits neatly into the back pocket of your car seat.

More Info?

As we do not have all the information here, it's best to head to the MyTravelTot website where you can find more information. Do not forget to use the code TAWKER5OFF and you will then get a $5 discount!

What a great pressie for the trip!

Thanks MyTravelTot for being TAWKer Supporters!

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