TAWKer Supporters - Tree and Pixie Creations

You have to look out for these guys when you are travelling as they are TAWKing too!  They are taking their amazing creations to markets and festivals around the country AND have an on line shop selling their unique items too.

Tree and Pixie Creations

I 'met' Rachel online as she was helping me with something that I was doing and I immediately loved this little business that she has and wanted to support a TAWKer trying to make a bit of money while they travel.  SO please have a look here and also look out for us posting where they will be next.

Tree Pixie Creations try to get themselves to a market once every couple of weeks as let's face it they are travelling.  They love to embrace the lifestyle and get a chance to sell their beautiful individual creations along the way.  It's a family event! 

Please look out for them on your travels and support them as they are also supporting you with a discount of 10% if you tell them you are a TAWKer when you see them OR if you'd like to anyway, you can visit their online store Tree & Pixie Creations and use the code TAWK10.

Please support them supporting you!

More Info?

Need more info? Then it's best to head to either head to their website or their Facebook Page

Thanks Tree and Pixie Creations for being TAWKer Supporters!

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